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PC2 Education | SmartCare PC2 - SmartCare PC2 provides real-time phone access for primary care providers to consult with a specialist in behavioral health care.  The goal of the program is to support primary care providers in managing behavioral health concerns of their patients by providing access to psychiatric consultations. Consultations through SmartCare PC2 may include: differential diagnosis of mental health conditions efficacy and use…

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  • M. Rufe - Better than expected

    I knew this was going to be a great bag from all the reviews. This has exceeded my expectations by far.

  • Robert W. Vanackooy - So far....so good.

    Mice have been making homes in my 2002 Eclipse GT heater core and on top of the engine (and this is an outside car that doesn't stay parked for long periods of time). I've tried moth balls, dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap, etc. and finally stumbled upon this product (Fresh Cab). So far, it seems that Fresh Cab is doing its job to keep the mice out of my car (I placed four pouches in the engine area, one in the cabin, and one in the trunk). It has a Christmas tree smell and a LOT better than the odor of moth balls. I am hopeful that this product will continue to keep the pesky mice out of my car. I also have put strategically placed pouches of Fresh Cab in my garage to keep my other car safe from the pesky mice. I am currently impressed with Fresh Cab and am optimistic that it will continue to do its job. I currently am on schedule to get 12 pouches every 3 months, since the product loses effectiveness after 90 days.

  • Syn Gunther - Just can't be totally enthused

    I decided to move to OneNote after using Evernote for about a year. I made the ENTIRE switchover, giving OneNote a fair time frame and using it exclusively to wean myself off EverNote. I just didn't like the monthly EverNote professional fee. Plus, I use all the other Office products so OneNote integrates so well with them that it made sense. But... I don't know. I just still feel lacking compared to the speed and ease of Evernote. In today's world, using our cell phones for note storage is a serious use of our resources and EverNote seemed MADE for cell phone integration and what little I've been able to do with OneNote and my Android has been clunky. I hate the thought of switching again but I am considering going back to EverNote. I might wait just a while longer to see if Microsoft improves the cell phone abilities.

  • Crazy African - Weathertech mats for Ford Escape

    Awesome protection for the new Escape. Fit perfectly, fit securely, easy to clean, pretty much kid proof and life proof!

  • Liz Ross - Added distance worth the price

    Product installed very quickly including remote reciever, have been using sine tge day it was released in sept w/o inident . The hifghpoint of this system is undoubtedly the incedible distance achieved w/o loss of speed waiting patiently for the ability to add guest network which is scheduked for end of year. Do yourself a favor throw all your old epensive routers in the garbage and purchase the mesh signal and dediated 3rd band keep the network strong and the distance leaps and bounds what i ws getting with from my previous net gear dual band 1950

  • Michael in Florida - Very effective at killing mold and mildew

    I have to say that this cleaner really does a good job in killing mold, mildew, etc. as long as you're patient. It does take some time to start killing and showing results. I had some thick mold growing on my outdoor paving blocks, so I didn't hold much hope that this cleaner would work. Well, it did work. It's been four months since I applied the cleaner; and slowly the mold is disappearing. As advertised, the cleaner works every time the surface becomes wet. The mold I had growing on my shingles is totally gone. My pavement and sidewalks are absent of any mold or mildew. I plan to use this product every year from now on.