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  • webby2000 - Great Product....

    It takes a long time for your nails to grow out, but keep using this product diligently morning and night. It works wonders...my nails have not looked this good in years! My podiatrist recommended this product and said it was the only one that really worked and he was right! Try it...you will not be sorry. It is worth every penny.

  • Cordell Wise - The revelations of the press systematically vilify ingredients Hitler was ...

    The revelations of the press systematically vilify ingredients Hitler was a plausible assertion (true or not). But the pattern of manipulation by the hidden hand lends credence to the assertions.

  • Andre Graham - excelent for the mom and pop (retail) investor

    This book was written with great care, with the ordinary retail (mom and pop) investor at hte center of its focus. While written in simple language, it gives sufficient details that can help us understand concepts well enough to make sound decisions on building wealth through the stock market. It gives details on various ETFs, chosing a broker, basic techinical and fundamental analysis and investment frameworks of some of the best in the bizz e.g. Buffet and Lynch. It was one of the books that gave me the confidence to finally start a stock portfolio thats been doing quite nicely (*smiley face*) in this choppy long in tooth bull market where my portfolio I have so far been beating the S&P500!!!

  • Monica - Seems to be working great so far

    I'm on day three i took it 2 days and felt great full of energy and today i didn't take intentionally to see if i felt a difference and i was so tired i work to jobs , i can say this product does work the first 2 days i slept good felt good and woke up refreshed tomorrow morning i will be taking it again, also it cleans you out i feel less bloated and that was with just 2 days.... so far i like it i gave some to my ant to try it to see if she feels any different....

  • Richard - blackhead acne remover

    Don't hold it on one place for too long, keep moving it around. If you know what you are getting and how to use it this is a nice model that suctions out your pores and keeps them clear. Best thing ever I use it down there and it feels amazing it's unlikely anything you may already own . You won't regret this purchase

  • Amazon Customer - Dependable and full featured

    I've been using Outlook for a long time and have generally been pleased with the product. This version has been very stable. It occasionally loses connection to the Internet over wireless when the computer awakens from sleep mode requiring restart of the computer. Never lost any data or emails using this program.