D Q T S - After horrible years as a human, I decided to be an object and have a stable relationship with one. #vga_project

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  • The wood - Great Antenna

    It fit the car without any adapters it look great and is functional. It arrived fast and as described. I am glad I made this purchase.

  • Amazon Customer - I'm glad my other product was wrapped in plastic

    When delivered, the seal was already broken inside the container, and all the oils leaked out. I'm glad my other product was wrapped in plastic, but the oil was just coating the inside of the box. Since it basically has no oil inside, what I received was just a jar of scented sugar. I do love the scent, but just trying to get a small amount to exfoliate is nearly impossible without it falling into the tub. Overall, i wish the package's seal wasn't broken, cause now i have to find my own oil to add in order to keep it together and not have it spilling out at the slightest movement.

  • HippoMommy - Something I like to do to get the vitamins spread out more ...

    A dose is 2 capsules. This keeps the pill you are swallowing smaller. Easier for some of us. You can also spread out the dosage so that you take them at different times of the day. Something I like to do to get the vitamins spread out more instead of one lump amount. I like that this includes things like fenugreek to really support postpartum moms. I've never seen another vitamin have postpartum specific ingredients. So that is a big plus.

  • garo - Seems pretty good after I put an SSD in it

    Seems pretty good after I put an SSD in know it's time that all laptops have SSD's as standard.....please no more 5400 rpm HD's!! Also upon removing the MB to install more memory I found no expansion slot...just 4gb of RAM soddered to the board. So it's limited to 4gb RAM. If anyone sees different please let me know. All-in-all can't complain for the price.