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  • Music Is My Air - Best Album By One of Rock's Greats

    People always say DSOTM is the best Floyd record. I know what they're on about, but I disagree. The Wall, like DSOTM, perfectly captures the state of mind of the band at the time. Where in 1972 they were dreaming of stardom and musing about the state of mankind and whether or not humans could be humane, The Wall finds them paranoid, burnt out by fame and tortured by childhood demons (admittedly, mostly those of Roger Waters). In that sense, I think the albums are equal. I also think they're peers in creating and sustaining a mood and in developing themes that they revisit throughout the piece, something Floyd was expert at.

  • Randall W. Rasner - Only issues are no trigger lock and steaming in corners.

    I also wish, like others have mentioned, that the trigger had a locking mechanism so one didn't have to engage it manually all the time. I have everything hardwood except for a tiled bathroom and that makes for a lot of trigger pulling time. It does a pretty good job but seems to dull the shine on the floor unless you use a cleaner supplement. It's awkward to do corners with the steam portion but I feel like my floors are clean when I am done. If I could afford one, I would get a robotic cleaner to do the work while I was away. This would get the 5 stars if it weren't for the trigger and the awkward cornering for steam cleaning.

  • Mimi - Great stuff

    I love this, especially when I just want my hair to dry naturally. See I have curly/wavy hair and sometimes I don't have time to straighten it. But I can use this and it leaves my waves soft and not frizzy.

  • Momo - Worth the money!

    I really struggle to make even an ounce of breastmilk a day, but these supplements really helped me. After the first jar, I thought I'd save money and switch to a $10 fenugreek pill and take some brewer's yeast - boobie desert occurred. I'm back on Motherlove and thankful for the help!