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  • Lisa Rivera - Messenger bag

    This is a very nice bag, but was just too small for me. I was looking for room to put a small lunch bag, and extras for work. Maybe even use as an extra bag for the weekend. I custom ordered a bag from their website because the sound of the velcro and the stiff fabric just were not for me. FYI - most of these bags are made in Asia and not the US. The only bags that are made in USA are the customs.

  • Rob Cook - Great read,but don't expect magic

    This book is an enjoyable read,yet don't expect it to be a magic bullet.Here's the thing:if you don't know what you're doing before you buy the book,buying the book makes very little impact. I took the GRE and got a quant score in the TWENTY THIRD PERCENTILE. Mind you,this was after several weeks of prep. To be fair,i was an English major,so my skills were not the best anyway. If you think buying a book will change drastically your skills, you're most likely mistaken unless you have, i would estimate,about 100 hours of studying and practicing. With that being said,reading the book was mostly enjoyable;the terminology is understandable and the author has a sense of humor which is relaxing. I honestly enjoyed reading the book at times and i felt more confident about my math skills afterward. So buy it if you're taking the GRE's,but understand that, as with any prep materials, it's just another part of the educational racket.

  • chinma - Didn't Work on Ticks

    I bought this product at my local feed store. My vet had recommended it. We had an extremely heavy tick infestation in our yard this year. It was unusual because we usually get lone star ticks, but these were brown dog ticks. In the past when I treated the yard I used a granular product which then had to be watered in. I liked the idea that Tempo was one step. I did not find this product to be effective. With the granular product, the ticks were pretty much gone by the day after the lawn was treated. Tempo may have lessened the number of ticks slightly, but now I am out almost $20, and have to buy the granular stuff. Tempo flat out failed with the brown dog tick.

  • Thomas J. Morgan - You Gotta Have Hope. . . . .

    One of the most comprehensive books on the current economic situation in the US. It is well written and speaks not only with an authoritative voice because it is well researched and documented. Mr. Hartmann, unlike most of the conservative books, presents recommended solutions within the book, not just generalities and gross assumptions.

  • Debra Thompson - Refreshing and really works!

    So far so good! I'll be the first to admit, that after years of shaving my under arms, I have very dark under arms. I've tried a lot of creams and deodorants that were suppose to help with this issue. But they always seem to come up short. What drew me to this product is not only did it claim to lighten, but it also says that you can use this as a deodorant. First off, my ordering experience was great. My product arrived a day early, and it was packaged up well. The container is sealed in plastic, so I didn't get a product that was open, or damaged (I've heard horror stories). This cream can be used on not just your underarms, but elbows, knees, and intimate areas. For now, I've just been using this for my underarms. The cream smells really good, and it's not a strong smell, really light. It doesn't cause any discomfort. You can use this right after you shave, and still no stinging. So I feel that if you have sensitive skin, you should be fine. I like to test the limit of products, so with this saying you can use it as your deodorant, I had to have it prove it. I had shaved my underarms that morning, and applied the cream. I went all day, and remained fresh the entire day! I doesn't leave a residue on your clothing either. The ingredients are clearly listed. It does contain glycolic acid, so after a week, you will notice that your skin feels smoother because they are being exfoliated while you have the cream on. It also contains alpha arbutin, which is a safe skin lightener. I can see some fading, so I'm sure with time it'll smooth my skin tone there. This also doubles as a deodorant so I will continue with this. I received this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest review. I know reviews are important to consumers like myself, so this is 100% my experience with this product. I'd recommend to anyone dealing with the same issues as I am.