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Oak HC/FT - Oak HC/FT is a premier venture growth equity fund investing in Healthcare Information & Services and Financial Services Technology.

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  • http://oakhcft.com/team/annie-lamont/ Annie Lamont - Managing Partner - Oak HC/FT - Annie Lamont is a Managing Partner of Oak HC/FT where she focuses on growth equity and early-stage venture opportunities in Healthcare Information & FinTech

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  • Beenief - Excellent, instant torque is addictive

    Excellent, instant torque is addictive, I have driven more miles than i would ever have imagined since getting the car, so much fun to drive. Autopilot is remarkable i use it everyday, need to be cautious if lane markings are poor. Rear passengers complain about no arm rest, and floor of the vehicle is bit high and is noticeable in the rear. It will be hard to drive an internal combustion engine after driving electric, when accelerating it seems like all those high horse power ICE cars are standing still.

  • Dobe Lover - Excellent healthy shampoo

    I started using it because it was the one shampoo that doesn't make my 25 year old daughter's head itch. It also doesn't have the ingredients we should stay away from. Healthy hair, healthy scalp. A little goes a long way.

  • Jillian I. - Not worth the money!

    I bought this thinking that it would help even out my skin and reduce fine lines, but I did not see any beneficial effects from it. It also leaves a powdery film after it dries, and if you touch your face it sheds and peels off very easy. Will not order again.

  • J. Reynolds - Great Song

    People always want to know if the story is true and was he there. I even told my kids the story so they might fall in love with the song. I've always love this song the most, it's very unique and exudes emotion!