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  • Just a Buyer - Best Software

    for this type of application. Use this at home on the computer. Use GPS in the vehicles. But have had Microsoft streets since it was first released. Works great. Have to keep these programs up to date however. This has the capability of finding nearby places such as hotels, restaurants. It can find fastest, slowest, prettiest roads to travel. Works up pricing for gas after you give it a bit of information.

  • Acula - Great..... as a toy

    I think my review is going to be a bit biased. Honestly I would never buy these tools for use in my garage. They are just too flimsy and can only hold up to the lightest of work. I actually bought this set for my son so he can play with them. In this regard they are perfect. One exception is the ratchet itself. This seems to be a better product

  • S. Albin - Hair greatness is real

    I love this product and saw results within a month's time.'ve been taking this for 3 years. No acne, no hair growing in places it shouldn't, and I have twice as much hair on my head. It's fuller and healthier hands down. I use to just take biotin and it worked 40% of what this does. I took the max dose of Biotin and it still didn't touch what hairfinity does. If I miss a day when I just took biotin, my hair would break off horribly in just 3 days. If I miss days of hairfinity, it gets a little dry but no breakage. I'll keep taking this vitamin packed pill and enjoy great health and great hair. My hair has not been this healthy since I was a child and I'm 42. I can go from relaxed hair to natural hair without all the stupid breakage. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. I use Tresseme keratin shampoo and conditioner products and a little olive oil for shine. It's so easy to love this thick hair of mine when it's growing instead of breaking. Its usually the combination that speeds up the product but its i know its definitly the Biotin that is in the ingredients.

  • Juliana Montano - It doesn't work

    Realy I don't recommend this product, I want to give 0 stars, this is not for watch tv online, the movies are old. I don't like

  • Glenn - The Worx does the work in half the time

    This Worx wg160 has solved all of my trimming problems. We recently had a new picket fence installed, and the power mower could not get close enough without banging up the lower rail. The worx solved that problem, just as it provided the way for clean,precise edging around our new bed of 23 forsythias. It is so light weight and efficient, I'm able to wack the thirty by twenty patch of weeds behind our shed with relative ease. It does not emit all those fumes and its line doesn't tangle up every ten feet as my gas weed wacker does. The battery charge could last a bit longer but I intend to get a back up battery to solve that minor matter. I am very pleased so far with this little machine, and I endorse it enthusiastically

  • JoJo - Great Workout!

    Glad that I found this video. It's free with my Prime Membership. Great workout! Keeps a pace steady, moves are not difficult but they give you a great workout. I would recommend to my friends. I've also tried the advanced workout, which is also great :)

  • John T. McGuinness Jr. - New Design = Not as Good

    They changed the sleeves from a comfy elastic and velcro cuff to a really narrow sleeve with only Velcro at the end - a real bummer to wear with any long sleeve shirt, pullover, etc. Disappointing on Marmot's end