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  • Amazon Customer - Great!

    These 12 inch super heroes never fail to thrill my 2 and 4 yr old grandsons! This one is their latest. Colorful and very well made!

  • Kathleen Joseph - Love satire

    If you like satire lightly covering current events you will get a good laugh from this one. I loved The Men Who Stared at Goats too!

  • Agiel - I trust my most precious moments to PowerLead.

    My son was a blessing for our lives; he came to bring joy and happiness to us. That’s why we decided to get a Digital Video Camera to capture every single moment of joy with him so we didn’t miss anything. I got this Camcorder at a local store, first of all I got it because when I saw PowerLead on the box I knew it meant reliability, I have a few products of this brand and they have never let me down. The Images we have taken with the Camera are quite clear, the resolution and detailed of them are amazing, and the Digital Videos produced by this Camcorder are Full HD. I can’t wait to record my baby’s first steps with it. That will be awesome.

  • George M. Williams - I've got the power...

    I've wanted a generator for years and finally decided, after much online research, on this one. I was skeptical at first because this generator is made entirely in China. My apprehension was not warranted, however. The engine that runs this thing is amazing. Some call it a Honda clone. I personally think it's better than Honda. When I received delivery from UPS I helped the delivery driver lift the generator from his truck to the tailgate of my truck. The DuroStar was securely packaged in a heavy duty cardboard box and surrounded with foam. A large styrofoam protector covered the top (fuel tank). I unboxed the item and flipped it on it's top to better access the bottom. Installing the wheel kit and removing the shipping supports took about 30 minutes. The instructions for the wheel kit installation are woefully inadequate but luckily I found a YouTube video that helped tremendously. I picked the generator up from my tailgate and placed it on the ground. It's heavy (100 lbs) but not unmanageable. I wouldn't want to carry it long distances but putting it in the back of a truck or removing it from same should not be a big deal if you are halfway fit. I filled the engine with oil (20 oz) and put about a gallon of non-ethanol gasoline in the fuel tank. The moment of truth had arrived. I was very skeptical at this point because I'd found an inspection tag on the generator stating the inspection date was August 13, 2013. Almost a year ago! Meaning this thing has been sitting in a warehouse for all that time. Choke set to "closed", fuel valve open, engine switch on "run". I pulled the cord. Halfway through the pull the engine fired up. I was astounded that it started that easily. Moved the choke halfway over and waited 30 seconds, then opened it all the way. The generator is not as loud as my Snapper walk-behind mower or my Titan air compressor. I ran all the gas out of it for the initial break-in. No issues at all. One thing I should mention: This generator is 120 volts ONLY. There is no 220/230 volt feature. However two receptacles are 20 Amps and the round receptacle is 30 Amps. I tested the power output with an electric chain saw and 100 ft 12/3 extension cord. Worked like a charm and will be doing lots more of this use in the future. The DuroStar DS4000S is large enough to power my entire house (refrigerator,one window AC unit, computers, phones, lights). This is great bang for your buck and if you live in a remote area or in a hurricane or blizzard zone you need one of these. DuroStar DS4000S $323.81 with tax, Peace of Mind= PRICELESS.