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Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.2128 Val d'Oise, France

  • tm628 - No more leaky transmission!

    My son, who is a mechanic, recommended this product to stop my leaking transmission. I would have paid over $100 to have the seal replaced but instead I paid about $10 for a can of AT 205 Reseal. This stuff is not easy to find in stores; I tried a few different auto parts stores and they never even heard of it. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a leaking seal on an engine or transmission. My son said he has used it to repair all types of seal leaks and it works every time. Now I just need to find a cleaning product that works just as well at removing oil stains from my driveway!

  • F McNash - So disappointing

    This power bank runs down faster than my bay valley 6000mah power bank, even the Anker 3000mah power charges more devices than this power bank. So disappointing. Do not waste your money on this power bank.