Natural Primary Care | NFM Seattle - Naturopathic Family Medicine provides a comfortable environment with attentive physicians to assist you on your health journey.

  • Location & Hours | NFM Seattle - All of the providers at our location may have hours specific to their schedule. Please review their individual profile for hours of availability.
  • Bastyr Pediatric Shift | NFM Seattle - Bastyr University provides an External Clinic Shift at NFM on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30pm – 4:30pm. This is for pediatric visits only.
  • After Hours Care | NFM Seattle - For medical emergencies, please go to your nearest emergency room. Non-emergencies may contact the office at consultation rates.
  • Fees | NFM Seattle - To best prepare for your visit to Naturopathic Family Medicine, please take a few moments to review the fee schedule and billing options below.
  • Services | NFM Seattle - Naturopathic Family Medicine is Seattle’s source for wellness. We are proud to offer some of the best services in the area for both adults and children.
  • Naturopathic Medicine | NFM Seattle - Naturopathic Medicine combines the diagnostic skills of a primary care medical doctor with a philosophy and treatment based on the healing power of nature.
  • Allergy Testing | NFM Seattle - More than 50 million people in the U.S. alone have allergies. Allergy testing for the cause of your allergies, is the first step toward treatment.
  • Massage Therapy | NFM Seattle - In addition to relaxation, massage therapy provides many health benefits such as improved circulation and pain management.
  • Acupuncture | NFM Seattle - Originating from thousands of years of Chinese medicine, acupuncture delivers numerous health benefits through a versatile treatment methodology.
  • Hormone Therapy | NFM Seattle - Naturopathic Family Medicine offers hormone therapy which alleviates many menopausal symptoms. Including: hot flashes, insomnia, and mood changes.
  • Nutrition Counseling | NFM Seattle - Naturopathic Family Medicine's nutrition counseling provides a strategy and assists you in making the best decisions and for nutritional health.
  • Providers | NFM Seattle - The practitioners here at NFM are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of their patients. Each provider concentrates on the individual.
  • Dr. Krystal Richardson, ND | NFM Seattle - Dr. Richardson believes in creating a partnership where patient and doctor can dialog and work together towards achievable goals.
  • Dr. Tamara Cullen Evans, ND | NFM Seattle - Dr. Tamara Cullen Evans is a different kind of physician. She takes time to know her patients. She is diligent in searching for answers and connections.
  • Dr. Vivian Sovran, ND | NFM Seattle - Dr. Sovran's goal is to help her patients achieve optimal health through general lifestyle education, encouragement, and naturopathic therapies
  • Dr. Jennifer November, ND | NFM Seattle - Beth Berkeley, LMP has joined Naturopathic Family Medicine offering relaxation massage and injury treatment massage therapy.
  • Dr. Sterling Maximo, ND, EAMP (Acupuncture) | NFM Seattle - Dr. Sterling Maximo ND, prides herself on educating and empowering her patients to become actively involved in their own healing and health.
  • Dr. Kim Hansen, ND | NFM Seattle - Dr. Kim Hansen, ND provided her patients naturopathic health care using a mix of modalities. She focuses largely on women’s health and hormone management.
  • FAQs | NFM Seattle - We do our best to save you time by answering your questions here. If you are unable to find your answer, let us know during your visit.
  • Health Tips Archives | NFM Seattle - Health tips to keep you at your best all year long. From strategies to keep the flu at bay to the best ways to test for allergies. We're here to help.
  • Fall & Winter Health Tips | NFM Seattle - Here are some natural fall and winter health tips to keep you healthy as we head into cold and flu season. Stay warm, stay dry, stay healthy.

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  • D. L. Dodge - WORKS!!!!

    It so works. My refrigerator door handle broke and this glue secured it right up. It takes all the resistant pulling a refrigerator door goes through! Excellent product!

  • Amazon Customer - J.K. Lasser's guides far exceed Ernst and Young's tax guides

    Whenever you buy a guide, be sure to "ask it" (research) a tax question where you need an answer. If the index of the guide does not list your subject area, put it down and look for another guide; it obviously does not "answer" the question or will require a lot

  • H S Patton - Too much shove it in your face advertizing.

    The only issue is that the "special offer" ads are an annoyance beyond anything previous.Too much and too many makes me hate to have to use it at times because it is so hard to get past all the shoving down the throat horse hockey.

  • Kathi Linz - Get the Newest One

    Almost a necessity for writers looking to publish traditionally. But please get the one for the current year.

  • Casey - Stinger SUPER FAIL both products

    First did the 7 day stinger pill FULL detoxify supposed to be toxin free after 7 days... was not... Then went and got the extra strength instant drink... did directions to a T .... Failed another home test after says wait 90min i waited an extra 30 just to be sure... failed again... tested myself an hour and half later and still failed... so after 7 days of their stinger detoxify NO TOXINS at all i even had 2 stinger pills left over from the first time i bought it and never had to take the test...

  • Cory G. - Tax Cut over Turbo Tax

    I used Turbo Tax year after year, but switched to Tax Cut a couple years back and have not looked back. The first year I switched, it only included a single federal e-file, but now I believe it includes 5 federal e-files. State still costs extra if you opt to e-file your state return. I believe that runs closer to $15 or $20.

  • cody - This book is a book of formulas with terrible explanations on how to get to and use those ...

    This book is a book of formulas with terrible explanations on how to get to and use those formulas. It definitely left a lot to be desired.