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  • Jeffrey B. Jones - Scotch Guard

    Excellent fabric protection for new furniture, cheaper (and quality more controllable) than having manufacturer put it on. Only concern might be chemicals for those with multiple chemical sensitivity. Also, wish it were just a little cheaper. I used 2 whole cans to cover one reclining rocker (can says one can will cover two chairs). I didn't overspray either, just light coverage back and forth at the appropriate distance. When that dried, I did apply another light coat, as recommended, rather than one thick spray coat.

  • Danielle - Mixed opinion

    I have a love/hate relationship with almased. Yes it did help me drop 10 lbs when my weight had plateud. Initially I thought the flavor was not great but not too bad either. By the end of using the product I can't even choke it down. I do feel that it helped me cleanse my body and get rid of my sugar addiction as well because the cravings I had before use stopped afterward. Of course when I reintroduced food to my diet they were healthy foods. If you are looking for a product that helps you lose weight I believe this will help as it helped me. However, if you are also concerned about taste then it may or may not be for you. It depends on how serious and dedicated you are to your weight loss. Also consider chia seeds with use of this product for overall health and weight loss.

  • Anita Kelly - This is the best product on the market

    This is the best product on the market. I bought 2 and the moms love it. I will be buying 2 more for my daughters now. Made a mistake and claimed the Fischer Price one was great but I had sent that back.