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  • The Good Wife - What A Find!

    I have purchased dozens of products for my husband's peripheral neuropathy pain. Sometimes the pain is so excruciating it's hard for him to walk and now uses a cane so he doesn't lose his balance. He is on quite a bit of medication for the neuropathy. Most of the creams/ointments/etc. did nothing or smelled awful. I finally tried Penetrex. At first, my husband just rolled his eyes and I said just do it. It can't hurt. At least you tried. Well, to make a long story short, he has been using it for about six months and finally admitted to me that he feels it's the only product that has given him relief. He puts it on in the morning after his shower and again when he goes to bed and it calms the pain. If it came in bigger jars he would probably bathe in it. (By the way Penetrex, how about making larger jars!) So I thank you all for what you do.

  • Al Wendt - Be ready to send it back

    Their quality control leaves much to be desired. My cartridge arrived quickly, the cost was reasonable, good packaging, not damaged at all and fit perfectly in my HP LaserJet 1020 printer. That's the good. The bad was the printer drum had a very large gouge in it, causing large marks on each printer page. This should have been noticed long before it was shipped out.

  • hannah - Great idea, poorly executed. Not worth the money.

    It's not worth the money. I say this as someone who was very excited about this product. It feels rather "junky" and cheap. The treat dispenser is poorly made. In fact, I have yet to get it to work. And this is not due to the type of treats I'm using. The part that is supposed to "launch" the treats just doesn't move. So the treat just drops into a different compartment (visible to my pet) and the only way to get it out of the machine is with a finger. Which obviously pets cannot do.

  • kylebshr - Excellent, Solid Case

    After using over 10 cases for my iPod, iPhone 4, and now the iPhone 5, I can say this is one of the best on the market. It's a huge improvement over the last generation of Candyshells, as it's slightly thinner, and doesn't have the droopy bottom problem on the iPod touch version. It's extremely solid, and the soft rubber part is much less rubbery than previously, and easier to slip in and out of a pocket. The port openings are fairly large, especially compared to other cases. I've heard of problems with the rubber disintegrating, but mine seems good so far - I will update if anything changes. Yes the back is very susceptible to scratching, but any shiny, glossy case will scratch, and that's what the case is there for!