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  • Kellyb - Excellent charging capability

    I received this product in exchange for my honest review, I wanted to try this product out because we do a lot of camping and hiking and needed a way to charge our phones when away from home , I was very pleased with the look and feel of this product, it's well made sturdy and perfect size, when I received charger I plugged it in and charged for about an hour , I then plugged in my lg vista and my husband's Samsung that were almost dead , I was amazed at how quickly it changed both phones to 100% over the next few days we used it several times on several different devices and didn't have to charge it until day 3 , I am thrilled with this product and highly recommend not only good to have when out and about but would be great for emergency situations like power outages

  • Tom McDade - I originally found this product while on vacation, about ...

    I originally found this product while on vacation, about 500 miles from home, and it seemed to help my pet. Unfortunately, no retailer in my area carries it, so I ordered it (twice!) through Amazon. Both times I received a bottle which does not produce a mousse, just an oily mess. No amount of shaking the bottle will help, it just sprays out as a liquid. The liquid helps with my pet's itching, but the resulting oily fur is not worth the money.