MSA Architects | Commercial Offices, Schools, Health Care and Veterinary Hospital Design | Michael Steitzer - MSA Architect, Michael Steitzer Architect, is a design oriented architectural practice that focuses on veterinary hospitals, veterinary emergency clinics and animal facilities.

  • Maine Architecture & Office Design: Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics | Michael Steitzer Architect - MSA Architects provide architectural design development services for office building design, animal hospital building design in Topsham, ME.

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    I have used HR Block software for personal returns for a number of years and am very happy with it. I purchased 2012 Premium+Business this year so I could also do my small corporate return, which is where the problem occurs. HR Block has very deceptively written all copy for this product to make it sound like the business returns work pretty much like the personal, with e-file available at extra charge. After receiving the software, I found a buried microprint footnote on the bottom of the box that made me unsure about e-file availability. A call to Block confirmed that NO business returns prepared with this software can be e-filed. In Virginia (and probably some other states), business returns are REQUIRED to be e-filed, so this software is totally unusable.

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