Review: - Colchicine Capsules - Mitigare? - View - Mitigare? and its authorized generic, colchicine 0.6 mg capsules are an alternative for prophylaxis of gout flares in adults. Available by prescription.

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  • Levi Hay - My head is BLOWN away by performance.

    Had a 95 Camry 4-Cylinder that was ran dry due to a cracked radiator. This in turn caused an excessive amount of coolant to end up in the oil thanks to a leaky (blown?) head gasket. On a whim, I decided to try this out just for the sake of it, and was extremely impressed by the overall performance. Fixed the steam out of my tailpipe, coolant in the valve cover, and the extremely rough idle that required brake+gas when at a stop.

  • Chelsea - Definitely white teeth!

    I absolutely love this product. I used this product once and it has made a significant difference. Once I put the product on my teeth it was not a sticky feeling at all and the trey fit perfectly. It only took thirty minutes and removed the tinted yellow color my teeth had prior. I will continue using this product!

  • Dapip - Auto paint scratch remover

    It worked as advertised when used on a deep scratch through the clear coat on a red Nissan pickup. Be sure to follow directions so that excessive clear cote is not removed. The scratch was changed from clearly visible to difficult to see. The product also removed some wax swirls. I do not know if removing the scratch will compromise the life of the clear coat that has been thinned.