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  • C. Converse - Decent game and decent tool to learn some basics.

    First, I'm going to summarize 95% of the one and two star reviews I just read: "I am unfamiliar with PC games, may or may not even know what Steam is, and am unable to solve technical issues." Now, these are serious problems, and I definitely feel for somebody just wanting to play some guitar who runs into them and isn't used to this. But this review will assume you don't run into any show-stopping PC issues and that you have heard of this Steam thingamajig before. If not? I might suggest, if possible, getting this for a console instead. PC gaming is not for the faint of heart!

  • Jonaida W. - So incredibly happy with the results! 😁

    I'm 23 years old and decided to buy the kit because I noticed weird stains on my teeth whenever I woke up in the morning. I also recently got my braces off and noticed stains from them. I was going to try the Crest white strips, but heard mixed reviews and the price was very expensive. I did some research and came across the AuraGlow system. I used the whitening system for about two weeks straight and then took a break for two weeks. After just two weeks of using it, I definitely noticed my teeth getting whiter and whiter with each use. I was a little hesitant at first, but I got multiple compliments on how white my teeth looked from people I knew and also from random people! It definitely helped boost my confidence in my smile A LOT! I totally recommend anyone who wants to get whiter teeth fast to try the AuraGlow whitening kit. You will NOT be disappointed!

  • Island Thyme - Stronger Nails and Skin

    I started taking Natrol Biotin because my dermatologist said that my skin was behaving like ‘old people skin’ (bruising and tearing easily) because the connective tissue under the skin has been damaged by years of unprotected exposure to UV rays. My parents (both in their 80’s) had the same issues with their skin, and had good results taking 10,000 mcg of Biotin daily.

  • Calcifer - Great for silk ties!

    I used this on all of my silk ties, since even a drop of water will ruin a silk tie, and they really can't be cleaned. For silk ties, it's all about stain prevention. This stuff sprayed right on each tie, did not alter the color, texture, or smell, and works like a dream. Everyone should be using this for their ties.

  • Sarah Thayer - okay, not perfect

    I am working really hard trying to study for the GRE. There are errors in this book and on the CD-ROM. In one of the sample tests it marked my answer incorrect, yet in the explanation my answer was, indeed, correct. I found some of the math review to be truly unhelpful. It is a good general overview of the structure of the exam (more on that after I actually take the exam, but it seems like that info is correct), and the verbal practice tests in the book are good.

  • Amazon Customer - I liked this book

    I liked this book. It presents the case for a counterintuitive treatment in a clear, organized, and comprehensive manner. I have no clue if it works, or not. But it is worth a try in a world where PPI's are now OTC, and often handed out like candy. I would also like to add, if you are having problems with GERD, you really need to be scoped. Many things could be causing this problem that need to be ruled out, and could be corrected mechanically at the time of the scope, or by relatively minor surgery later on.