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  • Marcea B - Not at all like a regular Frankincense EO

    I ordered quite a few oils from this company, and have subsequently left reviews for all of them. I feel as though I'm repeating myself, but this oil cannot be 100% natural. Upon opening the bottle, you can notice that it has a very chemical-like smell that is much different from a "normal" frankincense smell. I typically only use frankincense on scars and in the oil diffuser, so I did the latter, even though I knew upon opening that it wouldn't have the desired effect. My bedroom was filled with this industrial cleaner smell immediately after the oil started to heat up. I wasn't about to put that on my skin to test any results.

  • Bond - What a great value! Wish I would have purchased one (water ...

    What a great value! Wish I would have purchased one (water flosser) years ago. We purchased as our child will have braces for the next 18 months so we tried it also and going to the dental hygenist for teeth cleaning with every use! If you think flossing helped....this product will up your teeth/gum health! Also, noticed waking up with less "morning breath" effect.