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  • SteveF3 - Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe

    Kinda juvenile, but the program allows for enough editing to make it useful. First order delivered a version not specified for my Windows 10; had to re-order to get the proper version.

  • Caroline Altmann - Loved the detailed

    Loved the detailed, thorough info and alternative perspective of this book. I consider it a must read for anyone who wishes to understand step by step (based on 1999 information) what is happening in your body to cause acid reflux. It was especially useful in discussing the consequences of using conventional medicine--a near relative has used conventional medicine and that person has the kidney, anemia, respiratory issues that Dr. Wright discusses. But some of the information is out of date and wish Jonathan Wright would write an update. His criticism of conventional medicine is spot on but the delivery of the criticism was too heavy handed for my taste--others may find that quite entertaining.

  • eryder - he loves it and it's the perfect size for his gym clothes and shoes

    Got for my boyfriend, he loves it and it's the perfect size for his gym clothes and shoes. It's not huge, but big gym bags are obnoxious anyway, unless you have a lot of gear.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic product. Finally!

    Best hair product ever. I was able to throw out all of my curling irons and straightening tools and now only need this. I will post Pro and Con list, since that's easier to run through for anyone deciding to spend this kind of money.

  • Elizabeth Stewart - It does seem to help back pain.

    I tried these patches for back pain. They do seem to help. The pain isn't gone, but it's more manageable. I think it's the local delivery of the medicine (basically aspirin) that does the job; the menthol and camphor just deliver a cooling then warming sensation to the surface of the skin that doesn't last very long. I think that the thinner the skin, the more intense the sensation will be. I prefer the pads that deliver actual heat, but I'll at least use up this box. I might buy more. You get a lot for your money. The patches do stay on all day long. I didn't find them unpleasant; I even forgot I had them on. I used two at a time for for my back. I also used one on my thumb for a tendon strain, and it helped that too.

  • Amazon Customer - Love it so far1

    I have very pale skin and I live in Florida so of course I want to look like I have some tan without laying out and burning! I bought one bottle of this from Tan Physics website. I put this on after exfoliating and I love the color! I don't look fake just a little color. I have also tried other stuff. This is the best for me. I'm 60 yrs old and finally have a nice tanned appearance. I will not be putting it on to deepen the color..just a little once a week will do for me! I would look silly with a dark tan! This is a product that I will be keeping in stock for sure.

  • marie - So convenient

    These pureLYFT Energy Stir Sticks - Clean Caffeine Supplement - Zero Calories - All Natural (1 Package, 6 Sticks) are great to have in your purse or pocket for a quick energy boost. You do not get the caffeine crash, withdrawls, jitters, headaches or anything like that but you do get the same benefits of drinking caffeine. These work very fast and they are small so easy to carry with you. You can adjust the amount you want to use each time and you can put these into any kind of drink that you want. I would definitely recommend these if you want all of the effects of drinking caffeine without all of the side effects of caffeine.