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  • Highlander - Great for fleas

    I get a few of these every summer for my 80lb pup. It works very well for fleas but i always end up picking up a few ticks off of him after long hikes but this is expected.

  • cecelia maenza - Waste of a lot of money

    We applied this product to a well-cleaned, not very old, deck as prescribed last summer (9 months ago). It was beautiful, I was so pleased with the outcome. Now, most every part of the deck is peeling off. Lowes reports that there is no guarantee on the product, no money returned. Very expensive, ugly mess!

  • Anne Hanes - Not accurate

    At first we really liked the monitor. It is attractive and easy to read. When it seemed like the humidity was consistently low, however, we had our whole house humidifier checked. The professional humidity meter showed that the monitor was off by 10%age points. So much for accuracy.

  • Billie - bad stuff

    Seemed to be ok at first. It did help me loose weight but i had a lot of side effects! Ended up in the dr office and was told to stop taking it immediately by the physician. Please consult your physician if thinking of taking these products!

  • Jess - Please set skepticism aside.

    I feel as if it would not be a complete review if I did not tell my history of having roaches. These little demons have been in most houses I've lived in my entire life because my parents don't care about getting rid of them and that is something that everyone in the house needs to be a part of or at least aware of. They were something that I thought was a plague on my life. I literally never went a year without seeing them everywhere. In my lifetime I have tried probably every spray and bug bomb on the general market. Nothing ever worked. The sprays were more than likely ineffective because I couldn't put them as far spread as I needed to due to having pets and asthma. The bug bombs require multiple applications as well as many days to clear before re-entering the house, and I never had a chance to be out of the house for more than a week. I made a huge mistake of taking furniture with me when I moved out of my parents' house, so naturally, the little pests came with me. I considered tenting the house and everyone always told me that gels are useless.

  • kristen - could not leave in my mouth for longer than 5 ...

    could not leave in my mouth for longer than 5 minutes. will never purchase this product again. taste awful and too much foam. do not rec. wasn't able to see results because I couldn't use it.

  • OhioPrexie - Great monitor right out of the box

    Great monitor right out of the box. No issues. It is not completely borderless though. It looks like it until you turn it on, then there is about a half inch border on both sides and the top. Still a great monitor for the money. It does not have speakers, but I have found monitor speakers to be less than adequate and tinny sounding anyway, so I bought a pair of Amazon Basic speakers and they are fine for my purposes. Would definitely buy again and have no problem recommending this monitor to anyone who is looking for a good monitor at a decent price.