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  • How To Make Money Blogging: Your Burning Questions, Answered! | Making Lemonade - The number one rule of blogging is you DO NOT talk about blogging! Oh, wait. That's Fight Club. Not blogging. The truth is, there are many bloggers who have make massive amounts of money by doing just that-- blogging about blogging.
  • How to Maximize Your Budget When Building A House | Making Lemonade - Imma gonna go ahead and quote the great Amy Poehler to start this story: Good for her! Not for me. Those are the words I repeated when choosing the floorplan for our new home.
  • 30 Genius Kitchen Storage Hacks + Ideas | Making Lemonade - Our previous home's kitchen was large in square footage but small in storage, and our apartment kitchen is WAY smaller than that-- it's a comedy show trying to squeeze two people in there at the same time.
  • Orange Glazed Turkey Breast Recipe | Making Lemonade - 'Tis the season for turkey recipes! I'm a proponent of 'simpler is better' when preparing for the holidays, so this recipe for orange glazed turkey breast is perfect for anything from an easy weeknight dinner to serving as the main dish at a holiday meal! Why fret over a whole turkey when the breast...
  • DIY Marbled Pumpkins (5 Minute Craft!) | Making Lemonade - Friends! It has felt like ages since I got my hands dirty with a good DIY, so I hope you'll love this no-carve pumpkin idea as much as I do. Between moving and my computer crash, I've had to pour my energy into 'eating frogs' as opposed to my true love, which is being creative.
  • We Tried Rockets of Awesome and Here’s What Happened | Making Lemonade - While scrolling through Facebook the other day I noticed an ad for a company called Rockets of Awesome which is a clothing delivery service for kids (similar to Stitch Fix, but with no fees-- you had me at 'no fees'!) It hit home because shopping for my daughter is a struggle-- she is extremely pick...
  • 25 Epic Canned Biscuit Dough Hacks | Making Lemonade - Have you noticed that most of the viral food videos and recipe hacks you've been seeing all over Facebook have one thing in common? It's CANNED BISCUIT DOUGH! I've used it as a base for several easy recipes over the years and it never fails to disappoint! Why work hard on making your own dough when...

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  • Darian F - Okay System at the moment

    The Xbox One is a good system but I think it suffers from trying to be all things to everyone instead of having a clear focus. The voice commands are hit or miss a lot of the times. The UI is seemingly getting slower instead of faster, and suffers some freezing problems. Getting to certain apps and functions is more difficult than it was on the 360. Party chat has experienced issues, and the game install system is ridiculous.