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  • Kathy Keller - interstitial cystitis fast relief!

    After a major operation and an indwelling bladder catheter for several days, I developed a chronic bladder infection which I cured with an old native Indian herb (Uva Ursi) and keeping my urine alkaline. But I was still getting severe bladder pain! After research I discovered I had interstitial cystitis (damage to bladder lining). I heard about others having success with serrapeptase and I chose Doctor's Best and prime shipping. There was almost immediate relief! I follow the alkaline diet and take serrapeptase three times daily on on empty stomach. Now I seldom have the bladder pain and no more urgency to void every 30 minutes...Now, I can sleep at night and not rush to a bathroom every time I go shopping. Anyone who has been diagnosed with this MUST follow diet recommendations...use Prelief (or similar product) to reduce acid in foods and research acidity in supplements. ( I now have to use buffered vitamin C. ) Will I eventually repair my bladder? All I know is I'm not going to stop this program (with Serrapeptase) for a long's not worth the pain!

  • Sprinklesღ♥^_^ - So far so good...

    I recently tried some vitamins in pill form and they broke me out (the main cause being the amount of Biotin in the pill) so I ceased using them and started looking for something else that was good for the hair that doesn't cause a reaction in me and after reading tons of reviews this product is the only one with solid reviews and no mentions of side effects except nausea and another plus for me personally is the amount of Biotin in it which is very low. I also liked that this product can be used in many different ways. So I purchased the product on Tuesday and just received it yesterday which was Wednesday, so shipping is fantastic. Now onto the product itself:

  • Greg T - Very Nice

    Bought this for my wife for the holiday tree. She loves it. Which is great, because I need a few attaboys to make up for the "oops" this year.

  • Washington - AIRBRUSH

    Un producto de lo mejor les recomiendo para sus recuerdos de la vida diaria y si requieres tu propio negocio

  • P. McCoy - Frustrating Trying to Access It! EPIC FAIL!

    When I ordered this, and it arrived yesterday, I expected to find a CD ROM to install in my CD Drive. Instead, inside the box, I discovered a card describing that Internet access is required. I am currently in the process of attempting to download and install this software but have been encountering one glitch after another. At this point, I'm not even certain if I'm going to be successful with this installation. With a CD ROM, I could have had this done and over with LONG before now!

  • Katherine E. Gonzalez - The best of the best!

    I was really skeptical about trying this product since it was essentially a "powder" and I was worried my face would be dry, but it is absolutely fantastic!! It goes on so easily and has cut my morning makeup routine down from about 20 minutes to under 5. It feels like nothing is on your skin - it's like no other product out there. I'd worn regular foundation for years and it always looked a little cakey and fake, and I would break out all the time. Ever since I switched to Bare Minerals, I've been told by so many people that I have "great skin" (which I don't!!) and so many of my girlfriends have asked what I use so they could go buy it. I'm a beauty product junkie and have literally tried everything out there, from the $5 Covergirl foundation to the $60 T. LeClerc foundation, and this Bare Minerals line is the BEST of all of them!! And it lasts a long time too -- I wear it every day and one pot will last me about 3 months. The "Warmth" color is also really great - it makes you look healthy and sunkissed, and works on all skin colors. I'm really fair and was worried it would be too dark, but it's not. I also like the "True" blush color for special occaisons - it has a hint of shimmer and is a beautiful bronzed pink color. Once you try Bare Minerals, you'll never go back to that gross, messy liquid stuff, I promise!