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  • Gyn phy brume hygiène intime | Mademoisellealunettes - Cette brume nettoie, rafraîchit la zone intime en douceur tout en respectant son équilibre grâce à son PH physiolohique
  • Mes dernières découvertes 100% bio | Mademoisellealunettes - 1001 Pharmacies m’a proposé de tester quelques produits de beauté Bio à l’occasion de leur campagne le Printemps du Bio
  • Biotyfull Box ~ L'amour | Mademoisellealunettes - Contenu de la Biotyfull Box de Février 2016.Une boite joliment décorée de cœur pour ce mois sous le signe de l’amour.
  • Maquillage Rétro | Inspiration Gastby le Magnifique | Mademoisellealunettes - Le Nouvel an étant dans moins de deux jours, j’ai décidé de vous proposer un maquillage de fête, un peu particulier puisque celui-ci est inspiré du film

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  • Dave in Phoenix - 2010 can make you unbootable and very hard to remove will not uninstall and prevents using any other backup

    Summary: ATI 2010 (ATI) will not uninstall, disables VSS and made Win XP unbootable first with BSOD and than it takes over the hai.dll file to make unbootable and can not replace file.

  • Krysteina - Love it

    Great product!!! I used this butt cream for only a month and I can tell that my butt is lifted and smoother than before. I can only imagine if I used the cream and the pills at the same time what my results could have been. I also worked out after applying this cream such as squats, leg lounges etc.

  • contrygrl9 - XZilon May Not Deliver as Promised

    We are buying a new RV and the Finance Mgr. is trying to sell us XZilon coating for $1000! I told him I needed a day to research it and am glad I did. While some people are happy with the product, and some are not, this is just too much money to spend on a product that has not proven its value. I read many reviews and finally went to the BBB site and it had a D+!

  • Allen Shaw - Immediate Relief

    Excellent for dry mouth due to medications. I put some of this in a mini spray bottle and put it next to my bed so if I wake up at night with a painful dry mouth I have it right there for immediate relief.

  • W. Design - Oven Plastic Cover Cracks After 1 year

    If you go online you will see that this New Wave oven has a major defect. The plastic cover will crack eventually. I used it once a week for about a year and the crack happened, rendering this piece of junk useless. You can also NOT wash this in the dishwasher because the cover will stain. I received this as a gift and felt compelled to tell Amazon customers about this in the effort to save you money. I have been unable to get a replacement cover so this will be going into the trash. If you don't mind spending $100 for an item that you will need to throw away in year then GO FOR IT!