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  • Amazon Customer - Not bad, besides stains and smell

    Some of the wrenches came with some chemical stains on them, not sure what it was, but nothing that I couldn't rub off. One had some black "goo" that I had to scrape off with a thumb nail; The carrying pouch has that awful "straight out of china" smell that takes awhile to go away and make your hands smell, do not like that. They appear to be decent quality wrenches, but obviously not "snap on" in feel. Used a few on a brake job and car repair and they worked without incident. Good price for a large number of wrenches.

  • J Bennett - Don't buy, inaccurate

    I bought two, they give totally different reads. The thermostat in my home, checked several times per year by my HVAC company for accuracy, was reading 72F. One of the AcuRite monitors was reading 77, the other was reading 79. The humidistat was also completely inaccurate. I have 2 analogue humidistats, zeroed to accuracy with the salt water in a bag test, and then tested against the humidity reading by two different HVAC companies. The humidity in my house is 55%, while these units said 39% and 45%. First, they are not even accurate when tested against each other, put side by side for two days. Second, both temperature and humidity are totally off. I am returning these. I almost never write reviews, just don't have the time, but these are not worth the $10. Had I bought just one I would have thought the individual unit was broken, but luckily I had purchased two, so I know it's the overall device and technology, not a bum monitor.


    I ordered this at the beginning of February and after all the reviews i read i was excited to start them as soon as i got the. Along with taking the pills i was doing 1 hour of cardio work 3-4 times a week. After taking these pills for just a week i felt a little bloated but i just let it go on i didnt think nothing of it i have finished the bottle that i have and since starting the bottle that i bought i have gained almost 6 pounds and i felt bloated the whole time. I have been off the pills for a week now and i am no longer bloated and i have lost 2 lbs. i will neve use this product again ill tell you that!!!!!

  • Don Incognito - don't start with this if you're new to the entire field of coding

    I do not recommend this book for those who know nothing of coding and are just starting to learn. The book explains the upcoming new medical coding system ICD-10 without explaining ICD-9. It obviously assumes the reader already has a certain level of knowledge.

  • Katie - Great product, terrible package.

    Product is great. I use it if i'm not feeling tried when I should be. I always give myself 8 hours to sleep when I take it and I'm never groggy in the morning. Well not more than usual.

  • Jodi Cornelius - Don't waste your time

    I love B movies but I definitely should have listened to the other reviews. I made it 22 mins into the movie before I had to give up. I mean, the acting was beyond bad. It was so bad that if I was one of those actors I would change my name, get plastic surgery done and never work as an actor again. Gabriel comes to earth, cuts off wings that are obviously strapped on, goes into a boxing training facility and fights a demon. But, and this was the last straw, all they do is push each other around between punching bags in fast motion and then Gabriel pulls out a knife and stabs the demon. The writing is atrocious, everyone talks like they're Arnold Schwarzenegger, and they don't even follow the basic standard that if you're truly a Christian, the demons can't touch you. Especially if you're wearing a cross. The sound effects of the movie are extremely annoying, the cut away scenes don't make sense. About the only positive thoughts for this movie come from the very beginning. I liked the effects they did with the actors names.

  • Captain Awesome - works great, but heavily scented

    i decided to try this product b/c of the other reviews, and i do think that this mask works just as well as morroccan oil, or bumble & bumble curl concious or creme de cocoa masks, which i have been using for a while. The great thing about the macadamia oil mask is 1) the price, you cant beat it and 2) it really does make your hair very very soft & silky & 3)the jar is huge! i have thick, frizzy, curly, dry red hair, and i've used so many expensive products on my hair to try and tame it. this mask is very thick & coats well. plus you get a huge jar for a fraction of the cost of what the other masks are. the reason i took off 2 stars for this product is b/c it has a very very strong scent. I prefer products that are frangrace free or just have whatever natural scent the ingredients give it, i cant stand scents, especially floury perfumy scents like this one has. i used this mask last night, and the scent has stayed with me all day, giving me a headache. if you are sensitive to scents or fragrance, i dont recommend this mask. but the price, quality and size of the jar definatly make this a great product.