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  • http://m.pharma.bayer.com.br/pt/busca.php Busca - Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceuticals é uma empresa líder mundial na especialidade farmacêutica. Suas atividades de pesquisas e negócios são voltadas às seguintes àreas: Diagnóstico por imagens, Hematologia/Oncologia, 'Atenção Básica', 'Terapia Especializada' e Saúde Feminina. Com produtos inovadores, a Pharmaceuticals visa posições de liderança em mercados especializados em todo o mundo. Usando novas ideias, Pharmaceuticals deseja fazer uma contribuição ao progresso da medicina e se esforça para melhorar a qualidade de vida.

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    City: 6.9898 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • David Tonkin - Light Relief Really Works - On People and Animals

    I used it when I had sciatic pain - which usually lasts for several days minimum - after doing yard work. After using Light Relief twice in one day, the pain was gone the next day. Our dog has 3 compressed vertebrae in his lower back and was dragging his back legs, barely able to walk, unable to lift his leg to pee, unable to position himself to poop without being supported. When this happened a year and a half ago, several acupuncture treatments by a veterinarian enabled him to do all those things normally, until about 3 months ago when he relapsed. This time, acupuncture did not help, but 3 LASER heat treatments by another veterinarian showed some results, so we bought this Light Relief unit and our dog showed immediate improvement. After treating him 3 or 4 times per week for the last month he is back to at least 95% of his normal ability to walk, pee and poop - and he's much happier and more energetic. A neighbor borrowed it and after only 2 uses, her chronic shoulder pain was gone.

  • SunflowerCafe - Something good that is good for you

    This is my review for Brooklyn Biltong. Love the fact that this is nitrate, sugar, MSG and GMO free. The mild taste is interesting and quite satisfying as it does not have the overpowering salty taste that so much commercial jerky possesses. It is a more delicate, milder meat with a subtle sour flavor. I do wish the portions were a bit more hearty so it would be easier to incorporate into dishes like scrambled eggs or Mac and cheese which I think would be a nice touch. The health factor coupled with the good flavor insures that I will be a repeat customer. This is a great snack to take along for a healthy source of protein.

  • sabertootham - Sticks

    These are harder to swallow because they are not coated. The extra-streagth Tylenol are coated and my 9 year old has no trouble swallowing them.