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  • txmom - Works well according to my husband

    I bought these for my husband, who has arthritis in his knee and also shoulder pain. He says these are some of the best topical pain relief he has tried so far. The smaller patches have been great for his knee especially.

  • Borisgoodonov - This has turned my grass green like nothing else ever before

    WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT!!! This has turned my grass green like nothing else ever before. I put this down as directed and waited, and I waited and then about three weeks later ...POW!!!!! Be patient but I must say this made my lawn look incredible. I have tried many things but nothing has worked as well as this. No burn spots from where you stop to turn around during application. No more watering in and wetting the lawn before you put it down. No more worrying about burning the lawn. This stuff is so simple you cannot mess it up. I will no longer use nitrogen based fertilizers this is it for me. I am very impressed and happy with my lawn now.

  • awele - Enriches as promised

    I made a mistake and ordered this instead of the intensive follicle booster which actually works wonders for my scalp. It's like this product with efficacy multiplied by a thousand. This still works to some degree, noticed some thickness although not as much as intensive booster.

  • Eddie - Walk in knowing the test

    I purchased this book with a month of study time before the test. The explanations for each section of the test were very easy to understand. Reading the book gives you a nice background on the test and the testing procedures that take place when you get there (such as things you can bring to the test, break times, etc). After going through the book, I knew what to expect during test day and was very confident taking my test. Would highly recommend to any student applying to grad school!

  • Andrew Magnarella - Great! Best game yet! A truly immersive experience!

    To start off with, this is a great game buy it!! It is the best game of 2012, so if you have to have either this one or Survival, Buy this one! I rate it at 4.5 stars and here are the reasons.

  • Kindle Customer - Great Book !!!!

    I have been reading this series almost from the beginning. And each book as made me want to read the next one. I can't wait for the next book , the next trilogy. To come out. March is a long way away....lol