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  • Ryan Pratt - Over 2 dozen warranty repairs since purchase, and still having electrical issues.

    I have the 2.0T SE Sonata with Navigation, and moon roof. I've had to have the weather stripping replaced in it, and I have multiple electrical issues. It has been in the dealership over two dozen times since I've purchased it for warranty repairs. Currently my rear speakers are cutting in and out, before that, my entire electrical system has been having an issue, including two amp replacements. Loud road noise. But when everything is working right, it's a great car. No mechanical issues. Just electrical and other cosmetics and aesthetics.

  • Uniquelyroos - I knew the Obama's and Clintons hated each other but not how deep it went

    Received the Kindle version yesterday and stayed up till 3am finishing it. Explains so much about the FBI investigation and Comey.

  • Jacqueline - i loved it

    It gave me lot of energy and i noticed i lost weight and i wasn't very hungary when i took them so that was a plus.

  • SantoMB - Disappointing

    I have learned not to rush myself into new gadgets without proper investigation, extensive comparisons and reading customer reviews but somehow this product got me buying in no time. I hope you don't make the same mistake. I will try and walk you through my experience with the advertised features, tested on my wife's iPhone 5S with latest iOs and my own Galaxy S4 running android 5. I bought it thinking on using it to hide it in my baby's stroller or clothes.

  • Amazon Customer - If I can pass so can you!

    Hello, If you are reading this you prolly are freaking out about taking a hair test! Hopefully you are not smoking a blunt while reading, if you are finish and dont smoke again until after you pass you hair test!

  • Katina Moss - Good mount

    I purchased this Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount for my 50" TV to mount in my bedroom. It came in a timely manner and in very nice secure packaging. The metal is very nice and strong and has held up very nicely on my wall. My husband had no trouble in assembly of this mount and it came with very good directions. This is made for the LED, LCD, and PDP flat panel television. If it 16 and 24 inch wooden studs and it tilts so you can install it above the fireplace and tilted forward in order for it to be at prime viewing. It does allow for a 3° rotation adjustment in case you need to utilize that. We love this mount and give it the five stars it deserves. Great price too!

  • Amazon Customer - DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

    I've been using this product for 8 days along with vlcd (600-800 calories). This works REALLY WELL, not only have I lost 9 lbs in 8 days but it's also helped with losing inches. My clothes are fitting better and my stomach has decreased. The taste is great also.