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  • Lily's Mama - and it has been a huge source of fun for all of us

    I bought these for the family for one of our kids' birthdays, and it has been a huge source of fun for all of us. We have three little girls (5 years, 2.5 years, 13 months) and the oldest can cock it, but we have to do it for the 2.5 y/o, and obviously the baby just plays with the darts. :) We like to draw a bullseye on our windows with dry erase markers and shoot at it, or gang up on Daddy when he's coming home from work.

  • zefir68 - Good deer repellant

    Although this use is not advertised, it works very well as a firewall against the pesky deer. Applied once a month or so, depending on rainfall, it does a great job of deer deterrent. No noticeable impact, positive or negative on the lawn areas where it is distributed, although we mostly just spread it around the flower and raised vegetable beds.

  • Chelsea Davies - MYCAA PRACTICE

    I took some online classes through MYCAA to practice for the PTCB and I'm not a big fan of the online classes so I wanted to practice with a written book and I was really impressed upon receiving this book although I didn't want to just right into equations it gives me something on paper that I can practice with! I don't like how the cover states that you are guaranteed to pass your test the first time though because there's no way that its guaranteed. There are about 163 pages including the answer key so when they say they remove the junk pages that cant be anymore true. The book also helps you with some studying techniques which I found helpful because I'm not the best study person around. It takes me multiple times to learn something but I'm doing pretty good so far with this book and it helps me realize where I go wrong, I just hope the test is very similar because I know it is a HUGE test.

  • Arman - Great buy!

    As advertised! Plus, all other iPhone reviews are true! Even though this was made w/the Qualcomm tech it charges my iPhone 6Plus faster than a wall socket. I don't get 3 full charges out of it but pretty close to it. I highly recommend it for iPhone users.

  • Lindsay - Best purchase

    I got this for my 5 year old nephew and he was in love with it. It is messy and it does take a little time to get the bones out but he sat and enjoyed every moment of it! I would reccomend it to anyone who has a dinosaur lover!