Life Skills Education - Courses for Young People - Life Skills Education CIC develop and deliver life skills programmes to help young people improve their decision making, manage risk and peer pressure.

  • The DARE Primary Programme - Life Skills Education CIC - The DARE Primary Programme is a 'Life Skills' training programme for young people aged 9 - 11 designed to help them acquire a wide range of personal skills.
  • D-Vibe - Life Skills Education CIC - D-Vibe is a confidential online drug education survey with versions suitable for both primary and secondary students provided by Notts County Council.
  • On Track - Life Skills Education CIC - On Track is a life skills programme for 6-7 year olds to ensure that they grow up confidently, knowledgeably, responsibly and to recognise peer pressure.
  • Keep On Track - Life Skills Education CIC - Keep On Track is a life skills programme for 7-9 year olds written by teachers for teachers, parents and carers to use at home, in school and the community
  • Keepin it REAL - Life Skills Education CIC - Keepin it REAL is a secondary programme using the strategies of Refuse, Explain, Avoid and Leave whilst addressing decision-making and communication skills.
  • DARE Active - Life Skills Education CIC - DARE Active is a resource for 11 to 15 year olds, with principle themes around Responsibility, Achievement and Aspiration for use in schools and youth clubs
  • DARE Game - Life Skills Education CIC - The DARE Game is a free resource designed as a card game to enable young people to explore the law in relation to the Internet and legal drugs in a safe way
  • Teacher Training - Life Skills Education CIC - To support teachers and schools in the delivery of our Primary programme, we schedule a number of one day teacher training events at various venues.
  • DARE Officer Training - Life Skills Education CIC - DARE Officer Training courses support those Police Forces with officers and staff involved in coaching and mentoring young people to deliver DARE programmes
  • DARE Champion Training - Life Skills Education CIC - DARE Champion Training is available to those training, teaching, coaching and mentoring young people to deliver our DARE Active programme in the community
  • Evaluating Life Skills Programmes - Life Skills Education CIC - Evaluating life skills programmes is difficult, we are currently undertaking an independent randomised control sample evaluation of our primary programme.
  • Cart - Life Skills Education CIC - If your cart is empty you need to book a programme now. Buying your DARE programme is a three step process; choose your course, check your cart and pay.
  • About Life Skills Education CIC - Life Skills Education CIC - Find out about Life Skills Education CIC offices, staff and directors. All you need to know about us is on this page. You can call us 0300 111 3273.
  • DARE Primary Taster Session - Life Skills Education CIC - The DARE Primary Taster Session is for new schools to get know about DARE Primary. For £50 we will send a DARE Officer to deliver lesson 1 of the programme
  • Make a Donation - Life Skills Education CIC - Make a Donation: whether a one-off donation or a monthly gift, we promise that the donation you make today will be used to help us educate more children.

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  • Michael Devers - Hours of game play flushed down the tubes

    I just experienced what many others here are stating. Total disappointment and frustration with the newest version of Sim City. After playing for several hours today and building my city up to a decent point, the entire game froze on me. I then got the dreaded "Server Unavailable" message, and when I was finally able to get back on, my previous game was gone. Vapor. Nothing. Very similar to the thought Maxis put into designing this title. Non-existent.

  • William Brown - I'm convinced

    I bought this product after spending some time talking to a guy that I met in the health food store. Turns out he was a PHD, and had been taking this product for years. He was so knowlegable on the product, that he convinced me to buy a bottle. During this time, my daughter had just gotten out of the hospital from having a surgery on her leg. She was in a lot of pain, and none of the pain pills that the doctor had prescribed her were helping. She feared that her leg was infected, and was wanting me to take her back to the Emergency room. Everytime I would enter her room, she would be crying. Without mentioning anything to her, I started giving her drops of Cell Food in her water, and then convinced her to wait at least 1 more day before taking her back to the hospital. One day later when I walked in her room, she not only was not crying, but the swelling on her leg had gone down, her pain had decreased to the point that she had not taken any pain medication at all, and she was actually smiling. I then helped her pack her things and sent her to her mothers house for a few days to continue to recover from the surgery. Two days later, I get a call that she had to be taken back to the hospital. Apparently, the drops were working, and when she went to stay with her mom, she wasn't using them, and all of her pain returned. So I realize that this may be a rather long review, and I haven't personally used this product yet, but in 1 day I saw that it had helped my daughter. She wasn't eating any food, and only drinking water along with taking pain pills at the time. I am convinced that this product is what helped her. I had her mom take the Cell Food up to the hospital, and starting today she will be back on the drops...I will report the results at a future time. Hope this review has helped.

  • Anton - Overhyped

    This game is not that great. There are less than 10 multiplayer maps. The maps are not well thought out and they are not that big. There is only one item in each battle pack and there is no longer attachments in the battle packs. All the guns come with free selection of the attachments. All you can get are skins and XP. It takes so long to level up. If you get like 8k-10k XP in one match you only gain half a level and that match took a half an hour. If you pay for 5 hours at one time you could gain a few levels only and that takes way too long. The single player stories are limited in that there is not much to do. All you do is follow a path, kill some people, and that is it. It follows the same mechanic as the other battlefield games, which is boring

  • timultei - These tablets work great in my pool and will last a very long ...

    These tablets work great in my pool and will last a very long time. Thank you for providing this service. I much prefer having this heavy delivered rather than having to go to a store and bring it home.

  • Molly F. - Great tool and makes practice fun!

    I don't play this personally, but it was a gift for my boyfriend, so I've seen him play it many, many times.