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  • DanE80 - Hero 3 Freezes using LCD Touch

    I have the Hero 3, Black Edition, LCD Touch and a Sandisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 micro SD card. When the LCD is attached, the Hero 3 will freeze 95% of the time during playback using the Sandisk 64GB Ultra card. I have the latest firmware and have taken the recommendations from GoPro support. Until GoPro comes up with another firmware update to solve the LCD playback/Sandisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 issue, the LCD Touch is worthless. NOTE: GoPro acknowledged they have been having some problems using the Sandisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 micro card. I am currently using a Sandisk 16GB micro card and it works fine. In the meantime, I wasted $150 on a LCD Touch and SD card.

  • Kevin Schmid - It's a good start, ready for more.

    While it can be frustrating at first, setting up and ultimately enjoying this product is worth the time and money you put into it. Calibration is key. I can not stress that enough. Also, don't be shy, sitting closer to the camera will help with wobbling. Sony's headset is an awesome first attempt from them to get VR into the hands of consumers. The demo disk is great too. If you don't want to constantly be swapping between demo and a regular game, the demo disk can be downloaded from the PSN store. I bought Tumble VR and Eve as well. While I feel maybe I should have thought a little longer about Eve, I do not regret the purchase. I was also surprised how well the move controllers worked with the system. It's a solid headset, and works well. Finally I'd like to mention comfort. This headset is really comfortable, and I can leave my glasses on. I've had a few long sessions and it's never been an issue, well you get VR hair (that's a thing now, right?) but it's very worth it. I'm enjoying my PSVR and I'm really excited to see the games that are coming out.

  • E. Hernandez - Great Machine!

    I am a 45 year old 500 lbs Obese man with a torn ligament in my right knee. I am on the journey back to recovery from these issues and so I bought this chair soley on advertising and am very happy I did. It is of high quality fabrication and very easy to store, not taking up much more room than a regular folding chair although it is a bit taller and wider than your standard folding chair. It supports my weight without issue (no squeaking or grinding) and offers me a way to strengthen my back, legs, arms,chest, and shoulders and improve my posture.

  • Lomat - Comfortable but did not improve sleep quality.

    I am a long time back ache sufferer. I had hoped this would be a solution to my constant tossing and turning at night to get comfortable. Unfortunately, although initially I did find some improvement, after a couple of months I progressively saw poorer quality sleep. At this point I would honestly have to say that although the mattress is more comfortable than my old one it has not improved the quality of my sleep. Also a word of caution. This mattress is really heavy. To get the roll it ships in up stairs is a real bear for anyone who is not young and/or athletically blessed.

  • cmckittrick91 - Stories arn't nearly as good

    This is the second tpb collection of the comic based on the former Nickelodeon tv show. The only flaw from the first volume was that there wasn't a gallery of all the beautiful alternate covers included. This is also true in this volume. There are a few pages of bonus stories that I'm not sure were included in the original issues. The art is good and the colors are great. The main problem with this volume is the story quality. Most seemed like a chore to get through and not an entertaining laugh fest.

  • Jennifer Doorenbos - Harris does not disappoint!!

    So happy to have another Aurora Teagarden to read!! Harris is in top form with this great mystery!! It was wonderful to catch up with Aurora and the other characters in this incredible series. Very exciting read that was hard to put down due to all the twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. Can't wait for the next installment!

  • K S. - works as promised

    These worked! My supply was basically gone, so I bought these and made sure to drink a lot of water everyday. My supply nearly tripled! I "tested" them by stopping about a month after these began working, and my supply dropped again. When I started them to see if it would increase again, they consistently worked to increase my supply!