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  • Adam - Great Buy

    Ordered box for my dad for Christmas and it came within 3 days and was not damaged at all. Fits great! Easy installation!

  • RVTJess - BEST Facial Serum for Under $30!

    I am in my late 20's and a big fan of "preventative" care. After doing a lot of research of different skin care/serum products, I was always taken aback by the really high price tags for a tiny amount of the "good stuff" until I came across an article that mentioned "best facial serums for under $30". This one was the highest rated among the list.

  • lhemilie202 - LOVE THIS!!

    Can't live with out this! For the price on Amazon it's completely worth it don't spend 30 at drug store or even Walmart Amazon sells for a lot less! I use this ever day on damp hair before blow drying and it transforms my hair not greasy not oily noes the weigh hair down smells amazing my boyfriend makes fun of me cause I am always smelling my hair lol but it smells good!