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City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • chellebelle - Outstanding

    Yes there are a few errors but the content is excellent. I appreciate the balance between ruthlessness and Compassion with the Medlov family. This Author did not disappoint.

  • Mrs. TCA - Red Riding Hood gets her wolf

    After high school Hayley left small town life to pursue her dream of culinary greatness in the big city. But she could never forget her childhood friend and first lover, Luke. Upon the death of her beloved grandmother Hayley returns to Willow Creek and reconnects with those she left behind: Luke, his brother Chris who had a crush on her, and her once best friend Stacy. However, Willow Creek and her friends have changed, and not for the better. What follows is a well written suspense story that involves murder, passion, and betrayal. Any HEA for Luke and Hayley can only be achieved if they have faith in each other in the face of great adversity. I received and voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

  • Markeythia Johnson - Yasss...it was really god1

    I'm so glad that Juvie had handle all those problems that was causing him problem and got his mind right with my girl Solai. I'm even more shocked about her in Tesh being sisters. I'm happy that nika Lano is doing good and he was helping her break them walls down. Proud of Ole boy getting help and finding himself. Overall this was a good books just like the other 2

  • Jerzy - Love it

    Very easy to operate, all works like it should. If you are tall you can by seat extender to put seat higher, helps my wife(she is 6')a lot.

  • Josh - The keyboard is very nicely assembled and i do like it alot

    While the product isnt necessarily the top tier quality the customer service i received was. The keyboard is very nicely assembled and i do like it alot, however the lights arent nearly as bright on the black version as opposed to the white version. But if black is your style then i doubt you will be disappointed in your purchase here. Overall, i have no complaints although the lights could be a bit brighter 8/10. If my setup were white instead of black i would much rather have the white one. By the way these are brown keys so they are only slightly clicky. And there arent THAT many different RGB modes. Still a very high quality keyboard in my opinion. I have pictures and videos of the keyboard on my instagram if you want to see. Instagram: Yaki.lol

  • Bruce Palaggi - Another MS Money user forced to switch...

    I have been using PCs since DOS 1.1 in 1982 so I have seen and used many software programs. Though capable, I find Quicken Home & Business 2010 to have a horrible interface and I can't even login to my bank to download transactions. I have a business account at my bank and the program will not allow me to go to the correct page for login. It will only take me to the page for personal accounts. I am finally learning the interface but it really leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe I have been spoiled by Microsoft's progress with interface design over the years but, I was expecting a lot more from Intuit than they delivered on this one.

  • tara pastore - Great quick lunch break workout

    In exchange for an unbiased product review, I was given a Simply Fit exercise Board free of charge. As a healthy 45 year old working mom on the go (with no time for exercise) this product seemed like the right product to fit into my schedule. I figured that Some exercise is certainly better than No exercise! The instructional DVD was helpful as well as easy to follow. Within 2 weeks I was able to progress to many of the “floor” exercises as well as the basic balancing exercises. I feel great these days and have been able to fit “my workout into my work schedule. I keep it in the trunk of my car -- sometimes I use it on my lunch break or at the end of the work day for a quick energy boost. As a matter of fact, I am far more productive in my sales career than ever before. It has to be that my demeanor and attitude are so positive these days and it can be attributed to my exercise schedule and my “Simply Fit Board”. The board is bright green and made out of a very thick resin-like material. Its really firm and sturdy I have been really tough on it (throwing it in my trunk, the kids playing and spinning on it, etc…) but it shows no signs of breaking.