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  • Jonathan Newman - Really Very, Very Helpful

    For someone who had had prior experience with data manipulative/analytical software in education and professional background, my current job really needed me to take a step back and grasp/master all the basic + finer points of Microsoft Access, including integrating my macro and Visual Basic knowledge into database design, datasheet manipulation and data management. MacDonald's manual is superb- I can imagine all levels of Access experience- from my relative inexperience to the more proficient user- gaining and learning a great deal from reading this book. It really helped me sharpen my knowledge of how SQL is integrated into Access' query structure, how to design and perfect forms, and the fine minutia of relational database generation. Highly recommended! Thank you for this manual series- really, really good.

  • Steve Cvar - [RESOLVED] Cannot even start the download on Windows 10. Doesn't show up in my games after redeeming code.

    I purchased this yesterday and input the code on xbox.com, but it does not show up in my games in the xbox app on Windows 10. I've tried installing the Anniversary update and any other updates available. Just spent over an hour with MS support who could not help either. Totally infuriating.

  • Tom B. - Sent the wrong size

    When I ordered the item and double checked I had requested a size 11. When the shoes arrived I had received size 10.5.

  • Chris - Once again I have to do Intuit's job for them!

    I'm once again doing what I had to do last year. It's pretty bad when I have to constantly send "Suggestions" to Intuit so they can fix the problems with their software. Where's my pay for doing this for you, Intuit? They've even provided a link in the software to do this. How sad is that?!! If it's not report dates not working properly it's missing data information on certain functions of their software or networking issues. For the 4th straight year in a row - I've returned the product, AGAIN, and I guess I will continue to use my 2003 version for another year. (FYI - Other versions I've returned 2011 Enterprise Edition, Pro 2012, Pro 2013, Pro 2014)

  • Kyle Beebe - good book and storyline

    I liked the story, though the end was sort of anti-climactic, and abrupt. My only complaint would be sexualization in the story. I'm not a prude, but did feel that it detracted from the story in some ways. It was too raw and coarse, and could have fit in better as a more vague, understated sort of approach.

  • Discover - Nice mats for 3 season use

    Nice mats for 3 season use. These are not good for northern winters. They allow runoff from Sloppy winter boots and shoes to collect on the carpet by the peddles and foot rest. I have had these for two winters and am looking to replace them. Lots of white salt residue left on the carpet.