Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council - Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC) is a health resource body for a group of independent community controlled Aboriginal health services in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151 New South Wales, Australia

  • Nanny - Nice firm pillow

    My husband is the one using this pillow so I am just relaying his views on it. For me it was a little too firm but he likes it. I like that it has a removable cover that can be washed when needed and is hypoallergenic. I was quite dismayed when it arrived in such a small roll type package. I thought there was no way that this was a queen size pillow but after removing it and laying it out it opened up and plumped up. I really didn't seem to notice any odors that others had stated they smelled. I did wait two days though before putting it in a pillow case and on the bed. To me it was just a tad too firm but I have always slept on soft pillow. My husband likes a firmer pillow and this pillow suits him just fine.

  • Richard Russell II - Incredibly easy to install

    Incredibly easy to install! I always feared putting the film protection on because it would be slightly off or there would be bubbles. I put this one on, saw it was off a bit, pulled it off, readjusted it, and reapplied with zero problems. There are videos provided on YouTube for help and it really is fool proof. I noticed the stylus did not work at first, which is huge for me because I do a lot of work on this with the stylus, but after 2 minutes, the stylus worked without any problems. There is a slight raised edge, but I am using the leather pro case and with the covering of the sides so I do not notice at all. Regardless of what the description says, yes you will get fingerprints, but these clean off with the micro fiber cloths included in the package.

  • Miss Wright - Mayhem!!!

    I'm happy they was able to get mace back. Macy thought she was going to cause problems with tiny but mayhem fix that. I also love how mayhem didn't let anyone mess with tiny. Maleek was able to find love with out Stacy or jolie. Ramsey and EmmA worked on there problems and he finally got what he want.....a baby lol

  • Saul Santos - Awesome game

    this game is awesome. I just cant stop playing. it sucks that the world cup only happens once every 4 years but this game is the best way to relive all of the excitement and to cheer for your favorite team(Brazil and Spain)

  • sheila rider - Lots of information

    I purchased this book to improve my haircutting skills for my family. It works ! my haircuts are more professional looking. Valuable book for any level of skills your needing to cut hair.