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  • tiff1985 - spark dyed my shaker cup and messed up my stomach

    Ok so i was excited to sell this product and take it. But i started the challenge and it messed up my stomach so bad i was constantly cramping and couldnt stay out of the bathroom. Then on top of i started to notice any cup i used the spark dyed the inside. My shaker cup is permanently an orange color now could u imagine what its doing to ur insides.

  • Amazon Customer - live longer and happier through being happy with who you are and be ...

    Absolute rubbish of a product, unethical standards, public relations was non existent and abusive. I will find a way to cause this company some grief through the proper reporting channels. Don't use this company or its products. Go natural, live longer and happier through being happy with who you are and be blessed that you live and breathe. Kiss your kids, love your husband and eat healthy. Have a bit of chocolate every now and then.

  • Jewels - Zapped yeast infection in mouth.

    I've struggled with yeast infections off and on for years. Last August I got one from taking an antibiotic and it never went away despite many 'pink pills' from my doctor. Then about a month ago I had to go on another antibiotic for a severe sinus infection. As a result my yeast infection became unbearable and I got a yeast infection in my mouth. That was it for me. I started researching. I already took acidophilus and had been for years. I didn't see cutting out sugar completely as an option (my husband's deployed to Iraq, this is not a good time to give up comfort food!). Then I stumbled across a website listing all the symptoms of candida. I felt like someone had been taking note of all of my complaints for the last 15 years! Then I found a mention of Threelac. After much research on Threelac and reading all of the reviews I decided to give it a try. I especially liked the review that said they didn't change their diet at all! After taking Threelac for about 9-10 days the infection in my mouth was completely gone! I'm almost done with the first box and am ordering my second. The yeast infection is slowly getting better, but I've had it for so long it's not suprising it's taking longer. And I'm starting to notice other things. I don't wake up in need of a neck and shoulder massage and my morning headaches are much better. I'm not feeling as fuzzy headed and I'm starting to have more energy. I started off taking one per day, then after a couple days moved up to two, then after another couple days moved up to three. But after a couple days of taking three a day I became SUPER constipated. So I moved back down to two and I am doing really well on two. It's a slow improvement but I figure this is to be expected considering I've had these symptoms for 15 or more years and I'm still eating brownies!!

  • Colin E. - I paid for them. They're alright.

    I paid for them. They're alright. I haven't used high end bone conduction headphones so I don't know what it should sound like, but these just sound like a speaker sitting in front of your ear. If you turn them up over half-way, you can hear them across a room. They work though, I use them for biking and I can hear my music and street sounds. So all in all, not sure if they're "proper" bone conduction, but they get the job done.

  • Brandon B. - Sound is awesome nice deep growl to it

    Sound is awesome nice deep growl to it. Simple to install. Did not notice any mpg improvement yet but it's now winter and truck has less thank 1k miles on it. Over all I love the sound and the punch it adds on when you step on the pedal.

  • Richard Shanley - Works Great

    Used it on some old plastic ATV fenders that were very warn. The transformation was really good. Not back to new but an impressive improvement.

  • MDard - Good product, but no CD

    I've used Kaspersky for years and find it very effective. Customer service online is very friendly, very complete. I guess when I bought this from Amazon, I was expecting a same day delivery of a CD. I got the same day delivery but it was only the activation code. Seems a waste of money to send a carrier out on the same day when the activation code could have simply been provided once you make your purchase. Although the listing does not show "NO CD", keep in mind when you take delivery of this, there is NO CD. Only the activation code in a DVD box.