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Country:, Asia, JP

City: 139.7677 Tokyo, Japan

  • Amazon Customer - Low on mystery and suspense, but filled with the usual fun characters

    There's not much challenge to be had in An Obvious Fact for Walt and his supporting cast. There are bad guys, but they never have a chance. There are mysterious events, but they're not happening to anybody we care about. That all sounds bad, but the characters save the book. If you view the book simply as a vessel for delivering entertaining interactions between some of the best characters in the genre, the book is a success. These characters are great fun to read about, even when they're not breaking a sweat.

  • Guitar Bob - The WORST

    This is the WORST software ever. It does not even install on Win 8 and there is no meaningful support. Do not buy this!!

  • franklynn - datebook

    i order two of these every year- one for me and one for a friend. i love them and will continue to buy them. good size to toss in your purse.

  • ErinSings - another quality item from national geographic

    Beautiful and infocontent - another high quality item from Natl Geographic. My only complaint is that I wished there was a little more content.

  • BoilerMkr - Good inexpensive camera

    I've been using this camera for a few months now. I have it on an upstairs window ledge so I can watch the front yard and driveway. The camera has performed nicely. The picture quality is better than I expected for a camera at this price point. The setup however, was a bit more tedious than it should have been. I had difficulty upgrading the firmware and attaching to the WiFi, but was able to get it done. (Note: be sure to upgrade the firmware before passing judgement on the camera...) The web interface for controlling the camera is ok. There's a few hiccups, but it works. The Android app is less than stellar. Many of the functions don't appear to work, and it crashes frequently.

  • 2 Tasty - Juvie and Solai the finale

    O was just dirty. I still don't get why she played Juvie like that. Kole knowing how she grew up she really should of looked out for Tesh.

  • Oboe Lady - Who is the Big, Bad Wolf?

    This book has a great plot with twists and turns and surprises, even though the clues are there. The clues are in the characters. Luke and Haley meet again when she returns to town after three years. The sparks fly even after three years, but much has happened! Luke's sister has been murdered, and both he and his brother, Chris, are not the same happy teens she remembers. There is a murderer in town, and no longer does this sleepy town seem safe. Luke went to jail for something he did not do, yet the townspeople glare at him when bad things happen. Who is the Big, Bad Wolf?