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  • Kindle Customer - Cooking Light

    I truly adore this magazine. I jumped at the chance to go digital because I am running out of space in my home for all the delicious recipes this magazine holds. The best part of being digital, any time, any place I can access my recipes. Even in the grocery store, when I left my shopping list on the table! So very convenient. There is one draw back for my daughter, she can't take it home with her when she comes to visit.

  • Lisa F. - Great for dermaplaning!

    That's what we're calling ladies' face-shaving these days, right? Dermaplaning? ;-) Truly, though, I've used these nice little blades without even a hint of a nick. Downward strokes only, following the growth of the hair, in short movements; to use an artist's description, "sketch" the strokes, don't "draw" them in one long line. Leaves my skin smooth as a baby's behind. Hair grows in with no change in texture.

  • Michelle M - Can't. Live. Without. It.

    THIS IS MY JAM! I mix a pea of this with a pea of khiel's fluid sunblock and apply daily in the AM after cleansing and toning. At night, this goes on over my serum. Absolutely fantastic; Amazon has the best prices on this line, too.

  • CoCo - Functional Professional Classy Look

    I like this case it appears classic, professional, and business like. The color compliments the back portion of my phone, howbeit you cannot see it once the case is on. It has gray feel and you can flip the clap all the way back if need. You can also hear and be heard with the flap closed. I like that it is discreet so that if someone does call or send a message a nearby snooper can't see it.

  • James O. Thach - The Brown Wedding

    It's been a rough couple of years for my family. There have been a few land disputes, some nasty feuds, several imprisonments and a beheading. But perhaps our most celebrated misfortune was what has come to be known as The Brown Wedding.

  • Wilson - Tarocco Shampoo

    I first used this shampoo while staying in a New York City hotel that supplied it for its guests. It's terrific - the aroma and its moisturizing nature allows for everyday use. Great product. Great delivery time. I will continue to order this product through Amazon.com.

  • John John - perfect fit

    perfect fit....works perfect....received it fast and secure....GOOD JOB!! why is there a word minimum on here...this is a pain in the A%$#