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  • L.M.Rudland - A Great Start to Investing

    I've read lots of trading books and I like this one the best - easy to read, up-to-date, and packed with useful information. Many books on trading are fine on the easier stuff like choosing a discount broker or the mechanics of trading, but skim over the more complicated process of actually finding stocks to trade. Not this book. Jason Kelly addresses how to find good stocks and use specific criteria so the top choices emerge. He also has a way of simplifying different trading strategies and financial terms. A really useful little guide.

  • Sweengolly - Be the man

    Came in perfect condition and this is a good year! I prefer the slimmer snowflake's branches like this. Wife loves it. I am the man.

  • J. Wall - Sucks, by popular opinion

    After reading over 50 reviews, both pro and con, first of all,I am having a real problem with Amazon for offering to do business with a company that has such a poor history of customer relations.

  • Jennifer - Great product and decent price.

    I love it. I've been using many other expensive products but nothing suits my sensitive skin. This product is great for my skin and the cost is just right. I also introduced this product to my friends and they also love it.

  • Paul Gomez - Perfect! It works

    Perfect! It works, I bought a similar device (Different Brand) from https://www.wish.com/geek/m and it did not work. This one from Aukey works perfectly. I did notice that the BT signal is a bit low so the range is not as good as it should, but the audio quality is good.

  • Is it So who knows - very good product

    I'm willing to bet you have used this product at work so a review is not needed. I love it and am only sorry I'm retired and don't have that great tech team to teach me more. I've stopped learning unless I stumble into things. I bet there is an outlook for dummies LOL.