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  • Tobin B. Crenshaw - It Has Some Good Points

    I like Hybels books, but this one was more of a book of personal advice than a deep study. It sounded more like someone asked him for some principles of time management and then he shared some of his personal experience and decided to put it into book form. Plus there is a lot of material that could have been left out, rather than spending 10 pages to get to the point and share a step. I think it is always difficult to manage time by saying you need to add more to your to do list by reading a book to get the information. I feel it could have been condensed a lot, but appreciate the author's passion.

  • C. Doane - Excellent documentary

    This was an excellent documentary. After seeing it I ordered a personal DVD of the film. If more people had viewed this before the last Presidential election maybe our country would not be in the mess it is in now.

  • SoCal Girl - If you work works:)

    The product does work, you really have to follow the directions for it to be successful. The key thing to successfully remove the smell from the carpet is to really saturate the area you are treating. Keep in mind by the time the pet urine has soaked into the carpet and padding it has most likey spread out an extra couple of inches in the area as well. I've used this product in the past and its the first thing I thought of after recently returning from being out of town and found that a fan near the bathroom door kept the cat from wanting to go in and use the litter box so a spot on my bedroom carpet was the target.

  • Orsayor Simmons - Judge Me...

    I was first introduced to Luvvie's blog after watching an episode of Scandal. My friend asked if I read Luvvie's recap of the show and if I hadn't, I needed to read it ASAP. After reading one of her posts - I was hooked.

  • Kristen Wilkerson - Worked for my daughter very well

    Was very complete and accurate. My daughter used it appropriately and raised her score from 28 to 29 on the ACT.

  • marchiemama - So glad I got this stroller!!!

    I was torn between spending the extra $ for this stroller or going with a cheaper umbrella stroller from another store. I'm SO SO SO glad I spent the extra because this stroller is perfect! I haven't found a single problem with it yet. My husband and I are both tall (5'10" and 6'2") and it is comfortable for both of us. The storage basket fits my obnoxious diaper bag if I put it through sideways, and I love how easy it is to fold. We have gone for walks every night since we bought it and my 5 month old daughter loves it too!

  • Leonard smith - This is really a fun thing to have on your C6 Corvette And I ...

    This is really a fun thing to have on your C6 Corvette And I can quiet the exhaust down when I come home in the evening and not disturb the neighbors