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  • jessica4203 - Indulge in this shampoo!!!!

    So, I had my first experience with Oribe recently at a local salon in LA , and man, I'm a believer! The smell is what got me, and the texture of my hair. My hair has never been so soft and supple, straight, shiny and sleek!!! I LOVE Oribe and forced my mother to buy the same products that I bought, that's how much I loved them!!! I bought this, the conditioner, and the supershine moisturizer and I am SET! BUY IT!!!!!

  • Ember - Much too big

    These just don't work for me. I'm not squeamish about this stuff and I know my own body, and I found these to be much too large for me. The rear of the ring usually won't push back far enough for me to get the front up behind my pubic bone. When I do manage to get it up in there, it slips out within 15 minutes - and not before setting off terrible cramps. At least I've had no problem getting it out; it's already sticking halfway out before I even sit down to make the attempt.

  • DTK48 - dull, white haze

    If what your trying to water-proof needs a clear finish, this is not the product. I found that after the first coat dried, a second coat using the second spray left a dull, white haze on my finished product.

  • Anna M. - awesome product. love the smell of it as its ...

    awesome product. love the smell of it as its not too strong or not to weak in smell. i use this when making bath bombs and its amazing :D bottle is perfect size to put on my oil holder i have. also it is not to thin or not to thick in texture/pour wise. to me it is perfect. i love how it comes with the eyedropper and is easy to use. it is an oil so be careful when using it as if it gets on fabric or clothes it will leave a "wet" spot. besides that i love this and how awesome it is. would purchase again. recommended item. thank you so much!

  • CondorCalvo - EASY!

    Covers the scratch I put on my rear bumper, prevents more scratches...easy to install. Just align, peel backing off and press on...

  • LBurnett - Not for Me

    Ordered this brush was really excited to receive and use. Opened the box and took out the brush first thing I noticed was several prongs on the outside of brush were already broken off. Is this suppose to be strong enough to brush through black women hair? I really don't think so. And to make it more disappointing I have fine, curly, soft hair. Returning it ASAP. Maybe there is another straightener brush for my hair type.