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  • Scott D. Stoner - Not Returnable. Great product.

    Great Product, however beware!!!! I have read lots of reviews and this is my second time installing this stuff. No where did I read that this is not returnable. The product itself is great and relatively easy to use. The finish is as good as you are willing to make it. Take your time taping, if it doesn't look perfect, re do it until it is. Also take your time sanding. Sand and sand and sand some more. The more sanding you do the better your finish will be. Now, for the non returnable. Per suggestions of others, "order an extra kit so you know you have enough to finish the job". I did this and only ended up opening one kit. I went online to return the 2nd unit and it told me I could not return it. I called amazon and they told me that I cannot return it because it is Hazardous material. Long story short, amazon was able to refund me 75% of the price of the second kit. I will keep it and use it on other projects.

  • Amazon Customer - Knife is great but latch won't close.

    Flips very smoothly with almost no play in the handles so the performance is great. But something that really bugs me is that after a few days of flipping the latch will no longer hold the blade closed. When the knife is closed the handles come too close together and there is about 1/8th of an inch of clearance between the end of the latch and the back of the handle. No amount of tightening the bolts fixes it and the gap is too wide to use an O-ring. This is a very annoying problem for me and so I can't give more than 3 stars. But if this won't bother you the knife is amazing in all other regards. : ^)

  • M. Kline - Labradoodle

    I had read of different products to use for canine skin "issues" because I have a labradoodle with some allergies that effect his skin. After reviewing several shampoos, I ordered this and it seems to work quite well for him. Thank You

  • StephenH - Hardware great but software not so

    The hardware is great. The Power Panel software for Linux is a different story. There is no graphical user interface. Communication has been problematic. I finally found that the fix was to install hidapi and libhid. If these are needed, they should have been specified as dependencies in the RPM package. It would have saved some significant frustration.

  • Jasmine R. - It's easy to prime and is not much larger and bulkier ...

    Now, this blaster is basically a Jolt, which means about 30 feet flat and up to 50 feet angled, which is very impressive. It's easy to prime and is not much larger and bulkier than a Jolt, so it'll still fit in a medium-sized pocket. It's not very accurate, but then again, neither is the Jolt, and to reiterate, this is basically a Jolt. But with the ability to fire three darts in a row, meaning prime, fire, prime, fire, prime, fire, not prime, fire fire fire, or prime, fire a rain of darts, this is a pretty cool gun. If you liked the Jolt, you'll love this. But my main gripe is that the trigger takes quite a bit of force to pull, unlike the Longstrike, which had probably the easiest firing trigger ever on a Nerf gun. But the Triad's trigger takes a disturbing amount of force to pull, and thus is a bit uncomfortable for puny people like me. Also, the sound when the trigger is pulled is very loud and clunky-sounding, which to me is odd, because this isn't a shotgun-style blaster; it's doing the exact same thing as a Jolt, and thus should sound like a Jolt. But it doesn't. Also, my Triad was predominantly white, not blue, which is a bummer, because I personally liked the blue better.