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  • Biscuit Face - I find that so often, people scream the loudest ...

    I find that so often, people scream the loudest about politics that they champion not because they truly believe in what they're saying, but in order to reinforce their own view because of an intense amount of self-doubt.

  • M. Ingmire - Very Overpriced

    These knives are very overpriced for the quality of the product. If I wanted to spend that much I'd go with the top of the line Global knives.

  • Jordan - Waste of 30 bucks

    I did not experience any real noticeable effects from this product. I took two capsules every morning. I felt kind of short fused, or easily agrivated while taking this. Went away a few days after I stopped taking it.

  • Justin - Great balls for the price

    I'm a high handicapper who used to be good, but then became an adult and had to stop golfing every day. Driver spin on these is low enough that my slice has turned into a fade and I've gotten my confidence back. Just returned from the course without losing a single ball, which is an accomplishment for me these days.

  • Richard Brzostek - much better tasting than I expected

    While I am not a regular coffee drinker, I do drink it from time to time. The taste of this protein powder was much better than I expected. It has a real creamy taste, which is the way my wife likes to make coffee (with about a third of the coffee being creamer). Overall, it mixes well and is a great kick of energy for my yard work routine which is cutting and splitting a great deal of wood. It really is perfect for when I am running behind and do not have time to eat something. I mixed this in milk, which could be why it tasted so good.