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  • Hannah - My First Road Bike

    I bought this bike from a different site because they included a professionally built bike ready to ride for $50 more. I am, by no means, an expert bike rider. I go to the gym regularly and was looking for a source of cardio (I hate running). While I have no real expertise, as a beginner, I love this bike. The gears are easy to switch while riding, it looks great, and the breaks work well. There are no strange noises coming from the chain, unless you cross the gears in a bad way. The ride is smooth and I love how much faster I can go (I have only had mountain bikes). I am very pleased with the quality and I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone looking for a good ride for a cheaper price. My only issue, and this is more personal than anything, is that the saddle is hard on my "sitting bones." I suppose that's more from my inexperience. I will be investing in some padded bike shorts to fix that problem. Happy riding!

  • happy mom - Stay away

    Absolutely aweful. I was worried buying it after reading so many bad reviews but because I needed the trampoline quickly for an upcoming party I bought it. Putting it together wasn't that bad, however, I was missing a spring. I wasn't surprised when I saw that one spring was missing because I read so many reviews with exactly the same problem of missing parts. I contacted Skywalker and shockingly they refused to honor the warranty and send me a $10 spring that would cost them practically nothing. They said that I didn't purchase it from an authorized dealer. Absolutely despicable. Will never buy any of their products again. What kind of a company will not pack all the parts and then force you to purchase the missing or broken parts?

  • Cherie Lewis - Buyer Beware

    I saw The Flex Belt on QVC and thought I would try it out. Once I received the belt in the mail it worked great for about 3 weeks and then stopped working. I called customer service and they sent me a replacement remote free of charge and I received it in about 9 days. Once I received my replacement remote the belt still did not work and I'm stuck with a none functioning belt. I am still making monthly payments for a item that lasted a little over three weeks. This product is very cheaply made, so you might want to think twice before purchasing it.

  • bec56 - If you feel shakey or get a headache, it's ...

    If you feel shakey or get a headache, it's because you are detoxing. If you can push through a few days with one capsule and the shake you will get through the detox and can eventually add the second capsule and the DFT.


    I have used McAfee for a number of years, so it was a natural to get the latest edition. This update was a plastic card with "secret code" to generate the program. I WISH! I fussed for hours trying to get the thing to load, finally made arrangements with Amazon to return the thing. Then I remembered I have iYogi software service so I called Mumbai. The technician worked very hard and finally got the darn thing to load and I am now using the 2014 edition. Then I had to called Amazon and cancel my previous cancellation. Cannot say that I will use the 2015 edition next year, for sure I won't trust the card edition ever again. I was going to buy Windows 8, but not after this experience.