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  • smiley - tonalin cla 1200 mg.

    there great ive been taking them alone for about 4 weeks ive lost 10 pounds no exercise no change in eating i don't feel as hungry so i don't eat as much but other than that i don't notice any difference in the way i feel and you don't wanna lose weight to fast anyway it can make your skin saggy if you do...... so i love it i ve tried lots of others my main problem with diet pills are dehydration these don't cause that i just notice when i weigh a couple times a week ive always lost a few pounds 10 pounds a month i figure 5 months 50 pounds less good deal

  • Richard Riemenschneider - Great Reference!

    I don't have a lot of extra time to take a class or anything. I like this book because I can pick it up, look up the thing I need to do and get simple instructions for that one thing. Great Reference book!

  • Emily DR - Feeling full and great energy!

    I have been using this for 2 weeks now and have already lost 2 inches off of my waist and lost 8 lbs in those 2 weeks. On the second day of taking this, I noticed a huge change in my mood and noticed I had TONS of energy. Since my mood improved and I had energy to get me through the day, I have completely cut out coffee. Additionally, I also have been sleeping through the night without getting up and I have been waking up feeling refreshed.

  • Flys4Fun - This stuff works

    If you have a septic system or even if you have a lagoon you should use this product. We have a lagoon and after awhile we noticed a odor coming from the kitchen drain. We started putting this product down the drain every other month and the odor went away within a week or two. We chose this Rid-X because it is safe and helps replenish the enzymes in the system. If you ever use any kind of drain cleaner or bleach you need to replenish your system.

  • RocklinDave - Fail to Function as Advertised

    Very, very disappointed in this product. I love the fit and styling, but after about a year of wearing these (and only a few months after a full wax) these boots soaked through on a two hour hike in the rain. I wasn't walking in puddles or streams, just out in the rain on trails. The boots have had light wear, probably only ten hikes or so. How can they be called waterproof if you must wax them up each time you go out? They are supposed to have a waterproof membrane, but it failed to work for me. I would look elsewhere if you plan on going out in anything more than a brief shower. So sad as I love the look and feel of Merrell

  • Bob P - Awsome

    I bought this projecter to watch movies by the pool. Being outside I didn't want to spend a lot. This thing has surpassed my expectations. The picture is great and everyone loves it. I'm using it with a screen and projecting from rear.

  • taxfree4 - I have a metal one one but this is much better as it doesn't conduct the heat so it's cool ...

    Simple, efficient and extremely portable. I bought this for a camping trip and wound up using it for hume. I have a metal one one but this is much better as it doesn't conduct the heat so it's cool to the touch.