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  • Kara Carrero {Extremely Good Parenting} - Second time clek owner - favorite seat around!

    This is my second clek fllo car seat and I LOVE it. The fabric is different from the first drift car seat I purchased which makes them look like they don't match, but I think it's because it's easier to clean now. HIGHLY recommend this seat as it's easy to install and love the high rear-facing limit. I have a 2.5 year old in one and a 4 month old in the other (would have had her in one sooner, but the infant insert to put her shoulders at the correct height wasn't available.) Thanks for an awesome product Clek!

  • Roger M. Nichols - And though she be but little, she is fierce.

    Who knew that this little, tiny, matchbox sized piece of electronics could be so handy. I have a Bose 3-2-1 that is not Bluetooth compatible. I wanted to stream music to a GOOD system, and not those OK, but not great, Bluetooth speakers. I didn't want to have to move all my music to a nearby computer, and hook it up to my Bose. Nor, did I want to buy another router or Apple Express to have a single function. SO, for $20, I have this tiny wonder attached to my Bose 3-2-1. Now, I stream music from websites, iPhones, iPads, and computers with impunity. Happy, happy.

  • Evan Sims - The BlackWidow X TE exceeded my expectations

    I love my BlackWidow X Tournament Edition! Having used Cherry MX Blues for nearly the last 10 years, the Razer Green switches have a very familiar feel and sound to them. Felt immediately at home having come from using a Cherry MX Blue ten-keyless for the last 4 years. The colors are bright and beautiful and highly configurable. I love the Overwatch profile, which lights up and animates when your Q/Ultimate is available, among other things.

  • Mom2TwinBoys - nice, soothing bath for sensitive skin

    This is a nice product. I don't have babies anymore but I have seven-year-olds with sensitive skin. This is a nice product for those evenings when they need a little more calming down in the bedtime routine! :) And it hasn't irritated their sensitive skin. There's actually a grownup version of this by Aveeno that I love for myself, as well; remarkably calming.

  • Juli Mills - I was like l, i am going to use this stuff ...

    i tried to use this on my face, but it was too oily, i am a red head, so its all me,i have crazy skin. HOWEBER since i paid so much for it, I was like l, i am going to use this stuff amyways, so i put it on my butt and thighs. N o joke, a week later, my skin on my thighs is smoother, my butt had a few dimply areas that are smoothing over. This stuff works better and faster than any skin firming cellulite treatment i have ever used' I just ordered a 2nd jar. I wish I could post pics of my butt! its like the smooth you see on vs models. I have had 3kids and I am 40, so i have nothing to gain by posting this. I rub it in at night after a shower, massaging it in for about a minite. Its kinda expensive but the results are torally wirth it! its a total 5!

  • James, C. - Worse than expected, quality issues

    I read all review and decided to give it a try. The mounting brackets are made of plastic and one of them broken during installation. It took 3-4 weeks to get a replacement part, and it is broken again. Still waiting for seller to response after 2 months.

  • dechanique - Perfect for our little house

    My husband and I purchased our first home in December. There was a Brinks (now ADT) box installed on the property already, but we didn't want to have to purchase a landline or pay the upcharges to have a wireless system. After much research, we decided to go with Simplisafe. The installation was simple - it DOES have two options, the sticky backs and two small screws. I had to use a combination of both in several locations due to the trim on my windows (it was not flat). I disabled the motion sensor as my husband was not comfortable having that on.