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  • Angie Guerra - Lots of Essence

    I've been interested in the Korean Beauty trend for a while now but had only dipped my toes into a couple products (the Laneige Sleeping Pack and a couple other basic sheet masks). Wanting to expand my horizons, I happened across these masks. I have no experience with snail extract, just having heard of it, but it definitely sounded so interesting and exotic, I had to try them.

  • Phil McKrakin - the plastic construction does not seem super durable, so I would not test your luck ...

    Works as intended, and is a cute addition to our room. My 2.5 year old picked up the "red stay in bed, green get up and go" in one night, and rarely leaves her room before the light turns green now. Effectively ended our, too often, sub 6AM mornings. It's been dropped off a shelf onto carpeted floor a couple of times and survived. However, the plastic construction does not seem super durable, so I would not test your luck (i.e. leave it up high enough your child won't reach it).

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE this little device!!!

    I'm SO glad I broke down and purchased this device! I was reluctant to buy it because I already have 2 devices that make the same claims! I have seen REAL improvements using FaceFx. I used it more than 3 times a week though. I used it almost every day for a month and my upper eyelid DID lift and NOTICEABLY so! After close to 2 months of use now my forehead wrinkles are not nearly as deep and my skin seems to be tightening too. People who haven't seem me in a few months told me I look good, that they could tell a difference and asked me what I was doing! I love that I don't have to use it EVERY day now that my eyelid is lifted I really only seem to need to use it every 2 days and I have to admit I also have the Facemaster and the Dermawand and neither of those products lift my upper eyelid for more than an hour or two, frustrating! I use the Facemaster for the hollow under the eye (have the best results with it for the hollowing) and the Dermawand on my parentheses lines that are starting around my mouth, the DW on my age spots and the DW on my pores. I am the most thrilled with the FaceFx though as keeping my upper eyelid lifted really is important to me and the sagging that starts around the jaw is also an area that is top priority for me. I have read reviews where people say the FaceFx dies after a couple of months =/ I've been making sure the device is cooled down before I charge it and I try to only leave it on the charge station until its charged, then I unplug the charge station (I don't keep the charge station plugged into the wall). I don't know if that will help extend the life of the product or not but I SURE hope so because I LOVE it.

  • Las Vegas - Wen dont buy it

    I was excited to use this product and now I have been using it for 10 days, too much wax weight my hair down, no shine, my scalp feels dirty and my hair is falling. I have had better products much better. This is not at all what it says in the infomercial

  • Distressed Mother - Wish I had taken the time to come here and read the reviews

    I bought the product after watching the informercial. The one thing I will congratulate the producers about is for picking up a spkesperson who is a poster child for great skin. But there is no doubt in my mind that Cindy Crawford does NOT use these products. I had great results with my Estee Lauder, but figured that if I got a great product which was also cheaper than my Estee Lauder, this would be a bonus. After 9 months of using Meaningful Beauty, I noticed that my skin was losing its elasticity, and wrinkles were coming out more pronounced. True that the products look and feel great when you apply them, but for me the feeling smooth is not the only thing that matters, and in fact does not matter at all if I don't see results. Products' texture was always great, but their effectiveness is lousy, and for me the effectiveness matters more than the smoothness. Scrubs are not smooth, but they work to remove impureties. So, if you have another product that works for you, do NOT drop it for Meaningful Beauty, because you will end up regretting it. The cost saving is really not worth it.

  • Anni - Must Buy ! Love it !!!!

    This is a must buy if you like ice cream and yogurt. It's so healthy. It's great for people like myself who is wright conscious but has a sweet tooth. I tried using yellow mango instead of banana, and my family actually prefer the mango . Great product, easy to clean and use.