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Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center | HARP Palm Beach - HARP Palm Beach provides individualized addiction treatment through conventional and alternative approaches to increase sobriety success rates, save lives, and help more people recover from addiction.

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  • Jonathan - This is a smart little product

    This is a smart little product. We tried it out in 3 different shower drains in our house. It worked in two out of the 3, and it would have worked in the third if the drain didn't have a crossbar right at the top. One of our drains was too large to use it normally, so we just turned it upside down and it fit that way.

  • DUANE J CHURCH - Great band, great album

    Great band, great album. Been waiting for this to come out for a long time!! Hopefully they will release it on Cd and Vinyl

  • truong duong - Stop paying for the dealer

    I drove nearly 2000 miles from California to Texas and only fill up the tank with cheapest gas all the way to texas. The problem was that I drove smoothly without any delay when accelerating,but by the time I arrived Texas,had everything settle down,The nightmare appear! I drove straight to Autozone and got a code P0420, Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. I was scared the s*** out of me 'cuz I know the new CAT could cost me $1000 to replace,and my car is an used one so I don't wanna pay too much for an old car so I tried some search and found CATACLEAN on Amazon.First try i followed the instruction on the bottle,but after 30 miles of running and still MEL on.I really thought of paying some money to tun that damn light OFF. But today when I'm writting this review, and my car is nearly out of gas,MEL went OFF by itself.And I do believe that this product worked!

  • Go Sugaya - Doesn't recognize kids at all

    This game doesn't recognize my kids on the camera. Pretty useless because it bought it for them. My 6 year old sometimes recognizes. My 3 year old never. Same with 2014 version and I heard it hasn't improved with the 2016. Maybe it is better to buy this game on another console. At least it doesn't work for PS4 and ps4 camera.