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  • DocT65 - Sounds like yet another dealer profit-padding sham

    Sounds like yet another dealer profit-padding sham. I'll just keep my car clean and waxed and just save my money on this hocus-pocus potion. Like the old saying, "if it's too good to be true....."

  • Treehugger - A great bargain and an early popular work that may save many lives

    I bought this book for $1.00 at Goodwill several years ago. I am sure the research is now dated, but this is the book I have read most often and most thoroughly several times over in the last few years. {I am an avid reader and Kindle junkie; I have read several hundred books since). The pages of Katz's are full of my notes, the blank pages at the back are filled with progress notes. I read critically: some of Katz's research is poorly reported; one supplement he recommends is now illegal (as a schedule 2 date rape drug). Don't reject or disregard the central premise or the entire book because of this.