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  • SFlaDude - Didn't notice any difference...

    I have elevated liver enzymes so I took these for a month before my next check-up at the doctor. Blood results came back the same. I realize it will probably take more time than 30 days to expect results, but really didn't feel any different while taking these.

  • Eva Ahmed - Great for pharmacy technicians!

    Working at the pharmacy and beginning to Prepare for the PTCB Exam? If so, I highly recommend this Study Guide, by Trivium. The book is well written and formatted. Taking each subject at a time, and does jump around to other topics. This structure makes it easier for everyone studying for the exam to fully comprehend and capture all concepts that will be in the exam.

  • Susan - May have saved my life

    For about 35 years, I lived life as a semi-invalid with asthma and COPD so severe I had to park near a shopping cart so that I could walk into the store. I was always researching and trying everything I could ind, but nothing worked. I accidently ran across Serrapeptase while looking for something else; I fully expected that it would not work either. I took it for months and didn't notice any much difference in lung function. One day I noticed that a large painful lump of scar tissue from ligament surgery on my thumb was half the size (it is now completely gone). I might have quit taking it if it were not for that. I continued taking it and now I can walk the dogs, climb stairs, go to malls with friends, go to flea markets and art festivals for the first time in more than 3 decades. I had a life time of scar tissue buildup and it took some time for these little enzymes to get rid of it. I read the negative reviews and I saw some that blamed it on problems that continued long after they quit taking it. This is a living enzyme that only stays alive in your body for about 16 hours, and then it is gone until you take your next dose. I also notice that some people quit taking it before it might have had time to work. If it were not for seeing scar tissue I had for over a decade shrink, I would have been one of those people. Also, I had ankle pain for about 3 decades and that is gone. This may have saved my life, as spending 3 decades like the lady in the commercial with the elephant sitting on her chest is a tremendous strain on your body. I am now 68 and have more energy than when I was 30. Don’t get me wrong, I still have COPD, but it continues to improve and my life is so much easier; I’ve been having fun.

  • saddie - Perfect

    This was a birthday present for my 12year old and she loved it. It was a piece of cake to assemble. My daughter is learning that it is not as easy as it looks. It's been 1 month and she almost has it. We also bought her a new helmet, wrist protectors, elbows and knee pads which are essential.

  • Michelle - works awesome it clicked right in

    works awesome it clicked right in.. Yoiur have to leave the run run down a little bit but after that it runs perfect!!!!!!!!

  • JaVonni - waste of money

    Brand new computer right out the box. I don't go on any sights that are bad I only use my computer for school work. less then a month after downloading this my computer was on the verge of crashing! You might as well have nothing on your computer because this does nothing to help