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  • PSimon - like the other day

    I have had the Flex for over 4 months. Recently I began seriously suspecting it's accuracy; like the other day, it decided I had walked over 300 steps while I was seated at dinner. Many other days I'm amazed to see I've walked the 10,000 steps they put as the goal. (By the way once you reach the 10,000 steps for the day, the flex stops counting - which in itself is pretty annoying). Recently, I decided to get the Fitbit Zip and compare its "steps" at the same time as the "flex." To start with I had to create a separate account/email for it since Fitbit can't handle more than one device per account. Today I wore both, from morning to night. Currently it shows I took 8,018 steps on my Flex and 6,650 steps on my Zip. There is absolutely NO QUESTION to me that the Flex has serious inaccuracies -- since I have watched it in real time count almost any significant hand movement (driving etc) as steps. Btw, I wear the Flex on my non-dominate hand as this was a suggestion to help with these errant movement counts. But it is still WAY off... I think there may be an inherent problem with wearing a device on your wrist that's meant to measure your steps. My Zip, which I had clipped to my waistband all day was certainly the more accurate. Shame, since the Flex is a lot of fun, the Fitbit interface is great, etc. But if Fitbit can't provide the fundamental point of their device -- ie. to measure the steps you've taken than all that other stuff seems kind of irrelevant...

  • Jinju Nahidi - I like this version because it's a blend of american and ...

    This stuff works. It gives me that extra boost without the crash. I like this version because it's a blend of american and red ginseng.

  • Peppy - Worth the price and great service

    Well made and comfortable. Customer support is wonderful. I wish every retailer was so polite. It really pays to watch their short demo onYouTube. The lady who does the demo is so fun to listen to its worth watching just for that alone.

  • Leanne - This was a lifesaver!

    I have a male cat that ended up with crystals in his urine, causing pain and resulting in him going outside of the litter box. I am still trying to locate all the places he peed, but so far the spots that I have saturated with this product have not started to smell again. I'm optimistic that when I treat all the spots, the lingering urine smell will be gone and I won't have to start replacing carpet. You do have to use a lot of the product and I used a turkey baster that came with a pointed tip for injecting meat so that I can puncture the backing of the carpet and get it all the way through to the padding.

  • TeamLentz - Works Fine

    So perfect, I can have Amazon deliver this to my front door, instead of going out in town to purchase it. Chlorine tablets work fine, I don't notice any difference from what I was using before. I will be ordering this same product from Amazon from now on.

  • Finixrysng - Not User Friendly

    This book is not user friendly. There are no colored tabs to identify each subject, the answers to the review questions are not listed after the review instead they are in the back of the book and since there are no colored tabs you have to search for each section. The Elsevier HESI book is much better and more user friendly.

  • Organic Maven - I will never be without this soothing, calming beverage ...

    I will never be without this soothing, calming beverage. I received this tea as a gift and my dominant doshas are Vata, then Pitta. It truly calms and relaxes me. As a holistic health coach, I share with my clients products that I use and trust. Along with Organic India Original Tulsi tea, this is a keeper.