Grypa - objawy, leczenie, powikłania - Zachorowałeś na grypę? Sprawdź czy na pewno to grypa i jak skutecznie wyleczyć grypę. Znajdziesz tu także informacje o grypie żołądkowej, ptasiej i świńskiej grypie.

  • Ptasia grypa | Grypa - Informacje ogólne: Ptasia grypa, jest wirusową chorobą zakaźną układu oddechowego. Przenoszona jest drogą kropelkową. Jednym z groźniejszych dla ludzi
  • Świńska grypa | Grypa - Grypa typu A/H1N1 (nazywana również grypą meksykańską, bądź świńską) Informacje Ogólne: Grypa, jest wirusową chorobą zakaźną układu
  • Kontakt | Grypa - Zapraszamy do kontaktu w sprawie rozwoju serwisu. Uwaga! Nie udzielamy porad medycznych.

    Country:, Europe, PL

    City: 21.0362 , Poland


    UPDATE: As of Sunday February 1st, Amazon merged all the negative reviews in response to the new formula with the positive reviews from the old formula. The new formula had 2.5 stars prior to being included in these reviews! What a scam!

  • Emily V - It's great

    This is just a quality blender that I love. I purchased it because consumer reports gave it a high rating so I went with what they had to say. What I like about it is that it is very sturdy and solid when blending. The blade on this is SERIOUS! (which I love). It is all dish washer friendly and I've been enjoying it very much. I like how it doesn't give me 4,000 useless options and just has it simplified to what my needs are. My boyfriend and I like to make shakes and iced coffee, so our experience with the blender is largely from that.

  • kitana - Awesome for dandruff

    My scalp used to drive me nuts with itching and flaking. Plus I am unfotunate enough to love wearing black. Regular dandruff shampoos only made it worse. A hairdresser friend of mine recommended Nioxin because in her words: "I use this shampoo on everyone. It gets the scalp really clean and healthy." Having nothing to lose I tried it and she was so right. Oh sweet relief! This definitely keeps things in check and I do believe my fine hair also has more body than I generally notice with other shampoos.

  • rrsflorida - Worked for a few weeks - then nothing

    We had good success for a little over a month but they are now totally ineffective. Just returned from the groomer who works in one of the large pet supply chains. She told us that many people are returning them and the chain is accepting returns since they obviously do not last more than a month or so, let alone the eight months claimed by the seller.

  • Just a keen observer - This curved TV is a great bargain

    We really like this Samsung product, it's just about perfect for our smaller media room. It's not 4D , but we put it side by side with our previous set and the differences are amazingly in favor of our new Samsung Curved TV. Great view from any angle, brighter picture, decent sound. A good buy.